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I’m sure that most of you would be using Daniel’s online tool The easy PI message mapping documentation service or this desktop Release of PI documenter tools as open source for documenting the SAP PI Mapping.

I was trying to create a Java Based tool for documenting the SAP PI Message Mapping from the mapping metadata since I released this Java based desktop tool for PI 7.1 Function Library – Part II :  Migrating using Tool. As an outcome of it now I am releasing a SAP PI Tool which has both the functionality of Function Library Migration and Mapping Documentation.

This is an initial version and has been tested in SAP PI 7.1. I also have plans to add few more functionality in Mapping Documenting space and any other additional features.

This below SAP PI Tool is available as part of the Open Source Google Code project. Click on the image to download it to your desktop.

Mapping metadata file goes as an input to this tool. Refer my PI 7.1 Function Library – Part II :  Migrating using Tool if you are uncertain on how to get the metadata..!!!

Use check box “Include Function(s) in Mapping Sheet” to include the UDF/Standard functions that are used in Graphical Mapping to the mapping sheet.

Below is a sample Mapping Document created using Mapping Documenter.

Start using the tool and help to improve it by providing your valuable comments and logging issues here.

Thanks for your Time…!!!

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  1. Daniel Graversen

    Nice to see someone else is also trying to work with documentation. I need to speed up my innovation on the area.

    What libs are you using to create the Excel file. I would also have liked to use Java, but could not find any useful tools for it?

    Daniel Graversen.

  2. Former Member
    Looks like a neat tool, but I am having trouble getting it to run.

    C:\>java -jar “SAP PI Tool.JAR”
    Exception in thread “main” java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file

    Am I missing a step or do I need a certain java version?  Thanks in advance.


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