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Automate Web Application Testing with Selenium for ABAP

Update: You find the current version of the SeleniumABAP Project at SAP Code Exchange.

Unfortunately I’ve caught a bad cold and I have to stay in bed exactly to the time I want to travel the Cluetrain to Vienna. Also today, which is the night of the SAP TechEd 2009 Demo Jam, I was not well enough to travel to Vienna. So I had to call Craig Cmehil this morning and canceled my attendance. But as already planned I release the source code of my project to the public. 

Demo Videos

To get an insight of what Selenium and Selenium for ABAP can do for you, please watch this Videos:


The first thing what you need to record tests is Selenium IDE which comes as a Firefox plugin. If you’re not running Firefox get it here.

To convert the recorded test in Selenium IDE to a ABAP Unit test class you need abap-rc.js which is a JavaScript file that can be imported into Selenium IDE by navigating to Options – Options … – Formats in the Selenium IDE Menu. There you can click on the Add button, provide a name for the new format where I would suggest “ABAP Selenium RC” and then paste the code into the box below.

To run the generated ABAP Unit test you have to install the SAPLink Nugget It provides the Selenium RC ABAP Client Driver class and also the XSL Transformations to create this class from the iedoc.xml which is the Selenium API definition.

I need your support

This is the current status of this project. What I would like to add is a possibility to generate eCATT tests in Selenium IDE and import them as an eCATT test script. If you know a way how to do that please contact me.

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  • Hi Gregor,

    the video is very promising! I am going to give this tool a try once I finish development and get some time to test all the stuff.

    I knew you could connect ABAP to a webserver, but I did not know however that you can control firefox this way. This poses a complete new idea in my mind.

    cheers Carsten

    • Hi Carsten,

      great to hear that it could be useful for you. Hope you find the time to check it out. All the best will your current development.

      Best regards

    • Hi Peter,

      I’ve developed the ABAP Part on a 7.00 System. When installed the SAPLink into one of my 6.40 Systems I found that the Data Types I’ve used in the GET_BOOLEAN_ARRAY and GET_NUMBER_ARRAY did not exist there. I will update the SAPLink file ASAP.

      Another problem you can run into is the missing regular expression support in 6.40. Regular expressions are used in Selenium to check if a text is present on a page.

      Best regards

      • Hi Gregor,
        Thanks for checking it.
        I thought of 6.40 because of the ABAP Unit framework, I was not aware of the regular expression part. That one definitely needs 7.00.
        Best regards,
  • Hello Gregor,

    have you also spent some time to research on other test frameworks (and whether it is possible to use them with ABAP), like FitNesse or GreenPepper?


  • I watched the 5 min video, this looks very promising! I hope to find some time to try this myself, have you tried it with any Web Dynpro ABAP application yet?
  • I watched the 5 min video, this looks very promising! I hope to find some time to try this myself, have you tried it with any Web Dynpro ABAP application yet?
  • Hello Gregor,

    I am facing Issue while executing the code in ABAP server i am not able to launch firefox server Version 33.0.

    Error Message:  Critical Assertion Error: ‘Setup: FAIL’

    From method: client->receive  The sy-subrc = 1 (  http_communication_failure )

    Will you please pass some info why this error occur and how to fix this.


    Shabeer Ahmed,

  • Hello Gregor,

    This video is very promising!. I just started working on CRM WEB UI with selenium webdriver and integration part, which includes the combination of CRM web UI and SAP GUI.

    I have a two questions over here.

    1. I want to export a value from selenium wedriver and import same value in sap tools like eCATT/CBTA and proceed the test. ( It’s like integration scenario which consist of CRM UI using selenium webdriver, SAP GUI using eCATT/CBTA in a single test ).

    2. Can you explain little more on converting the selenium IDE ( ABAP Code ) to eCATT and how to run the script. either by pressing F8 from ecatt editor or any other way to execute the script.

    Can you kindly help me in this.