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This year, was my third year TechEd…but also my third year as an SAP Mentor. Was it a good experience? Of course it was! TechEd is the most exciting of the year…specially if you’re an SAP Mentor.

First things first…I got access to Global Communications…the place where all SAP Mentors, Blogger and Analyst get together. You can find the most prolific people here…the best place to start an awesome event.


Also…this year we got our “SAP Mentor Rugby T-Shirts”…so many special thanks goes out to Mark Finnern and Aslan Noghre-kar.


So…you might see that I got the number “80” in my T-Shirt…does it means something? Not really…I was looking for number “77” (Because I born that year)…but my good friend Jon Reed took it first -:(

Surely…we got more freebies…because let’s face it…we all love freebies -;)


The little blue shinning star was a nice gift from Sue Keohan (Who told me…I’m giving out this, so if you got lost in the dark, we could easily find you). The “Open Thinking” Moleskine notebook was a great surprise too. (BTW…the Parker “SAP” pen was not included…I bought it at the SAP Shop…but I thought it would look nice here). So if you want to take a closer look…here it is -:)


The “Open Thinking” Moleskine notebook would help us to write down our ideas, projects and all the interesting thoughts we could have. And being SAP Mentors…we had a lot of thinking to do -;)

But not everything is this world is about freebies…as SAP Mentors we also had access to some special meetings…the ones that are very hard to get if you don’t have this degree of  influnce…

Meetings with Zia Yusuf, Vishal Sikka, Sue Martin, Michael Bechauf…and of course…other Mentors from all around the world…


Being an SAP Mentor just opened a lot of opportunities for me…as I walk walking around the Convention Center…I got some really great conversations with Michael Cote from RedMonk, Duane Nickull from Adobe and Juergen Schmerder from the SAP Blue Ruby team.

And last but not least…I could be part of a couple of Hands On Sessions as co-speaker with Thomas Jung, Rich Heilman, Leonardo de Araujo, Ed Hermann, Horst Keller, Joseph Zeinoun and Peter McNulty.

Now…I’m sure that after reading this, you surely want to become and SAP Mentor… so what you need?


* Be a good communicator

* Expert on an SAP product

* Being recognized by the Community

* Being an active contributor to any of our great communities

* Had a lot of passion for SAP


It would be great to meet you next year…new SAP Mentor! -;)

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  1. Alvaro,

    I love your passion and support of SAP and its mentor program.  It is people like you that make this a great group.

    Thank you.


  2. Former Member
    Hi Alvaro, I´ve been following your blogs for a while now and let me tell you something…

    I actually feel proud of what youre doing! I can´t really explain it, it just happens…

    I guess it is because of you been a latin american person like me… 😀

    however, congrats!!

    Keep the good work!!



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