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Voyager has an auto save feature that prevents work being lost if a session timeout occurs. This article explains how the auto save feature works, how to configure when the auto save occurs and how to disable it.

h4. The autosave feature

By default the current workspace is saved if it has been left for half the session time out value. So, for example, if the session time out is set to twenty minutes, the workspace will be saved after ten minutes.

When an automatic save has occurred the following message will be displayed on the screen.

This saves the workspace to your favorites folder. The name the file is saved with appends the word ‘autosave’ appended to the current workspace name. So in the example screen shot above, the original workspace was called ‘Report’ and there will now be a workspace in the favorites folder called ‘Report autosave ‘.

The message also advises that in order to keep the exact version of the automatically saved file it needs to be renamed. This is because if you were to continue working on the workspace and then leave the browser again, the next automatic save would overwrite the previous file. To rename the file find the document in you My Favorites folder, right click and choose ‘Properties’.

The document can now be renamed by editing the ‘Title’ field and saving the change.

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