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Its already a week, and I am remembering the last week’s important moments in which one of them was the evening event. What a wonderful evening it was. It was the Process Design Slam night with Domain experts, UI experts, and Process experts to design a future business process for forming a virtual community based power plant for residential customers. I thought I will just recap the design slam that happened at Phoenix so that excitement carries on through Vienna and Bangalore.

About Process Design Slam 2009:

As you all know, (and according to the wiki) “the Design Slam is a virtual community collaboration applying BPM design and implementation tools and methodologies to solve a particular business challenge that has been posed by a panel of experts from SAP’s customers and partners”

The idea behind this is to achieve a virtual collaboration team which will provide more dynamic, flexible, slim business and technical solution for the current business challenge.

The process chosen was to automate the business scenarios for power plant which is made up of resident’s personal solar wind generation. Given the green evolution and sustainability aspects, these will lead a better TCO, more throughputs due to reduction in loss of power transportation and also support environment friendliness.

For more details:

Highlights of Process Design Slam 2009:

We had a 6 different physical teams at Phoenix and also had a virtual team from Europe (with their late night hours) collaboratively working together to come with swim lane flow of the business process and model of the business scenario. This collaboration was/is a true representation of virtual community based company with business and technical experts working towards the common goal.

The team and outcome of that night was:

  1. Vision/Use Case : To provide the vision and goal with the business case
  2. Collaborative Modeling – Wave/Gravity: modeling via Google wave collaboratively to synchronize and enrich the virtual power plant process
  3. Business Rules : team identified different business rules
  4. UI and Dashboards: this team to provide a UI mock up screens and dashboard requirements
  5. Service Implementation: Team responsible to realize the model, I was part of this team
  6. BPM Methodologies: very critical team to provide overall methodologies and lifecycle management process
  7. Virtual Team: team virtually provided the inputs for the process design

In addition to this, we had a few independent great personalities join the group to provide value add and their expertise to all of us.

I was part of Service Implementation team where we had a great time. We were able to conceptualize the business process model using Visual Composer and provide the model with the place holders which can be enhanced and extended. Great Team work!!

For more details Marilyn’s blog: Process Design Slam SAP TechEd Phoenix- First Iteration


I was there till midnight; the time just went away with lots of interactions within the team and comparatively less interaction with the other teams. However the outcome of the entire 3-4 hours collaborative work was really amazing. I was/am thinking this virtual community team just rock. During the workshop  I was realizing it was similar to the ES workshop happened in the 2007 TechEd at Las Vegas, where multiple teams have come up with the different process challenges and we all designed the end-to-end process in a paper. However Process Design slam was different because as outcome of this was kind of high level business/technical design of the business process with the project methodologies.

Totally, for me it was a great experience and looking forward to be part of similar one in future.

I am sure friends at Vienna are just counting down for this great event. I hope we will have our design enhanced by next week. All the best to Vienna participants and wish you safe trip to Vienna.

Sign up for Vienna and Bangalore is here:

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  1. Marilyn Pratt
    Thank you Krishna for this feedback on the evening.  I do encourage all those interested in seeing a unique type of Enterprise collaboration in action to join us on Tuesday night at SAP TechEd 20:30 PM in Vienna Oct. 27 and in Bangalore Nov. 19. 
    Ruks also created a feedback survey which you are invited to use if you attended the event. Process Design Slam Evaluation  I think the best evaluations though are from participants, like yourself sharing your experience publicly.  Again thanks so much for doing that here.

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