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My tryst with SDN started in the year 2005. It was when our competency team had ventured on a PBNW (Powered by NetWeaver) certification Service Offering using XI.

As was expected, we ran into multiple road blocks, as the technology was far too new (for us) and it was then, someone from our Company directed us to this knowledge mine called SDN.

The results were instantaneous.

We resolved issue after issue which would have taken a longer time had we not made use of SDN.


In the first few months, I primarily used SDN to gain knowledge and I soon had a feeling that it is like the SAP guy’s Google. Then I started looking closer at the model how SDN worked. How was the knowledge, which would otherwise languish in disparate knowledge management systems’ of different companies and individuals, reaching out to the millions of SAP Professionals world-wide?

The answer was crisp and clear.

It was due to the collective efforts of individuals who contribute to the community in various forms like forum answers, blogs, articles and white papers.


Our team always believes that there are three things that everyone must do in their lives.

Learn, Earn and Return”.

Having done the first two things (Learning and Earning), I then thought of doing the third- “Return”ing.

I had this feeling that we have to repay to the community which helped us in ways more than one. I took the forums way of contributing, to start with and forums still continue to be my most favorite part of the community.


From then, there was no looking back. I used to spend about 3 – 4 hours every day in ABAP forums and no sooner, I got addicted to the site.

My Company being very positive about the collaborative thinking and community spirit encouraged all the active SDN contributors. It even went to the extent of sending a group of 16 very active SCN contributors on a trip to Goa in December-2006, on a Company Paid vacation, because the active contributors were bringing in lot of energy and motivation to the other consultants to rapidly enrich their skills and share knowledge within and outside the company.


There were times when the quality of the contributions was diluted by incidents of point hunting and foul play by some individuals, but I soon found that what matters most, is the thought of how best we can add value to the community. For example, whenever someone answers in a forum thread, which say, already had 5-6 replies, should make sure that his/her reply should talk about something about the subject, which the others haven’t touched upon yet.


It’s been 4 good years since I have first started SDNing, but even today, not a single work day for me goes without opening SDN (or SCN as we call it now) site and not a single day goes without SDN/SCN teaching me a new thing in SAP.

On this note, I would like to sincerely thank SDN/SCN, the contributors, the Moderators, the Mentors and the people who work behind the scenes to make the community run smoothly.

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  1. Marilyn Pratt
    Sounds like an optimal outcome for participation.  The third being a product of the first 2.
    Just as an added word play, I’d add a 4th word: “discerning” ( a word I take to mean being able to distinguish quality from whatever the opposite of quality is).  That would be an additional benefit from being exposed to contents that we can rank, judge, comment on, save or dismiss.
    Thanks for this fun read.
    1. Ravi Kanth Talagana Post author
      Hi Marilyn,
         Thanks for reading along and for the constructive feedback. I will make sure to take the “discerning” part back to our team.

      Ravi Kanth Talagana

  2. Ravi, Going beyond “learning and earning” to “returning” is *the* important step in making the community valuable to all partners and customers. Thanks for speaking out about how your experience has positively effected you, your company, and other community members.

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