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After writing my blog about the ABAP Keyword Documentation available on the Web (ABAP Keyword Documentation still publicly available) there was quite some discussion concerning its usability with different browsers.

Now I’m happy to announce that community member Markus Milleder has helped me out 🙂

The solution he has proposed works fine with IE and Firefox and is already applied to the documentation (, as well as to the programs generating the offline versions of the documentation from Release 7.02 on.

Thanks a lot for that!



PS: The German variable names in the script were also adjusted to English …

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  1. Sandra Rossi
    Hello Horst,

    for my personal usage, I have copied and adapted both index.htm and index_tree.htm so that to access directly a topic and expand the tree up to the right line.

    I achieved it by adding an argument to the URL, for example, a direct URL would be:

    If you are interested, I may send you the little extra code needed (only a new javascript function of 40 lines, triggered by the onload event). It is currently tested on Internet Explorer 6 (yes I know it’s very old lol) and may not work on other navigators (I will try tonight on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE 8).


    1. Horst Keller Post author
      Hi Sandra,

      That would be very cool, indeed!

      The synchronization is really a nice to have and the ABAP Keyword Documentation would beat the KM docu again 😉

      Up to now I didn’t find the time for it but I guess I could do it quickly with the help of your code.

      You can send the code snippets to my address horst-dot-keller-at-sap-dot-com. I will keep you informed about my progress.




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