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Is it possible to fly under the radar and be out in the open at the same time?

If so, then SAP BPM qualifies. To get to the bottom of the impact of BPM on SAP’s tools, skills, and consulting approaches, I managed to get the “Goddess of BPM,” Ann Rosenberg, otherwise known as the Global Practice Owner for Business Process Management at SAP, to sit down for a live video shoot at SAP TechEd Phoenix (scroll down to view the video). We shot the nine minute video on my flipcam and I thought the sound quality was very good, given that we were just outside the Community Clubhouse, where people were happily hobnobbing as usual.

Ann has said before that the “end of the silo functional consultant” is coming. And not many know that SAP is going through a plan to change all of its “application consultants” to “process consultants.” In my view, that’s why BPM matters – not in a distant future, but right now. And there’s no one better to speak to this than Ann, who I consider to be a vitally important thought leader inside of SAP. Ann has played an instrumental role in the development of SAP’s BPM methodology, as well as the BPX curriculum design.

During this video, Ann, the co-author of Business Process Management: the SAP Roadmap, answers five key questions:

Vishal Sikka mentioned BPM prominently in his keynote, but what about the hype factor? Is BPM for real, and if so, why?

What is the latest on NetWeaver BPM, formerly “Galaxy”?

Why is the “silo functional consultant” an endangered species, and how are skills being retooled in BPM inside and outside of SAP?

SAP now  has a formal BPX certification – what is offered in that curriculum?

How can project teams (and individuals) get started with SAP BPM? (Book, web site wiki)?

I should add that we didn’t have time to cover the Process Slam, which is a super neat example of BPM in action. I did cover that in a podcast yet to be released, but in the meantime, here’s a Closing the Loop for BPXSlam09 Phoenix on the Phoenix Process Slam, and if you’re headed to Vienna, don’t miss it there, it was a lot of fun to be a part of in Phoenix.

I hope you enjoy the video, and thanks to Ann for taking the time from her TechEd schedule to share these views:

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  1. Daniel Graversen
    Hi Jon and Ann,
    I didn’t know there was a BPX certification. When I looked at the certification program it looked quite straight forward to take the certification.
    I hope that all 10 courses is placed in one place, so you can take them all at once.
    1. Marilyn Pratt
      Daniel (as our newest mentor) you might have missed a few of the meetups that Jon and others have been having around the topic of certification and BPM certification also featured in those.  But your feedback of not knowing of the certification existence is actually excellent feedback around visability.
      You’ll have the opportunity to engage directly with Ann (one of the curriculum authors) at TechEd Vienna.  She also created a good deal of content around this in the wiki space: BPX certified Also links on the homepage: BPX Education and Skills

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