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        Have we ever thought of building our own custom tools within SAP? not for a Specific Application area such as Sales & Distribtion or Purchasing or Inventory Management like that but for our own ease of managing the Applications. It could be as Simple as a Report Program to find out all the Transports for MM Module.

        In this weblog I would like to provide some of the Wiki – Code Samples which could be of great help to start our innovation in ABAP Programming Language.  The Purpose of writing this Blog is to bring together all the Code Samples that I’ve posted in Wiki and make it a One Stop shop for our Innovation in ABAP Programming Language.

        Because ABAP Language is not just for only for developing as per the Functional Requirements of Sales, Pricing etc but we can also explore the Functionalities, Tables & Features of ABAP Language to develop & use tailor made applications which may come in handy during administration. The following are some of the Tools which I happened to develop which I’ve made use of during Transports migration and stuff like that. All most all of them are related to Transport Organizer.


1. Let me explain this Tool by taking a Simple Instance. As part of our day-to-day development, we create so many transports which sometimes are difficult to be traced. This tool is a Good Solution to this Problem. This Tool is Called Transport Finder. Refer to the following Wiki Code Sample in which I’ve clearly explained how to use this Tool to track your as well as other’s Transports.

2. The Second Tool that I am going to talk about is with regards to the Naming Convention for the Description of a Transport. Imagine, you’ve Created a Transport and added some description which does not comply with what your Client’s naming Standards say. Unfortunately, you’ve also released your Transport for which you can not normally make any Changes. This Tool is useful for Changing the Description of a Released Transport. Isn’t that exciting? Check the below Wiki Code Sample in which I’ve explained how to achieve this.

3. Have we ever come across a Situation where we have a huge number of Transports in hand which need to be Released and moved from Development to Quality or Production? Well, if we are running out of time, this tool will come in handy by using which we can actually store all the Transports in a Spreadsheet and all we need to provide is the Path of the Excel File which does the Job of Releasing the Transports and move it to the Import Queue. There are two variations of this Tool.

The First Variation is that we can release Transports in Bulk which is explained in the following Wiki.

 The Second Variation is that when we want to Release a Specific Transport without having to go to SE09 or SE10. The following Wiki Best Explains that.


4. Similar to the above mentioned tool, we can also have a mechanism in place to Change the Owner of transports in bulk as well as a Single Transport. Even this tool has two variations as explained above. Check the below two Wikis which will explain how to Change the owner of Bulk number of Transports  as well as a Single Transport.

5. Last but not the least, this has something to do with Error Handling for Outbound IDocs. This wiki clearly explains how one can make best use of Enhancement Framework in ECC 6.0 Environment to customize the Error Handling for Outbound IDocs by overriding the Functionality of Standard SAP. Check the below Wiki to find out more about it.


As and when I get to develop more Code samples, I shall share it with you in my blogs.

Stay tuned and feel free to add your comments…

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  1. Sampath Adavelly
    Very nice blog and i have not yet seen your wiki.

    i was planning to develop similar application for transports… your wiki may be helpful.

    Have you used any transport workflow for this? If not, dont you think the transport workflow is easier to do our day-to-day work?

    Exception: You cannot change the description for released transports with workflow

    Thanks, Sampath

  2. Sampath Adavelly
    This is good to have but dont you think the transport workflow does everything.

    If you dont want to use the transport workflow, how about SE03 – for your first wiki.

    For second wiki – It is a direct update to SAP table. Even though, this is not updating any other data other than description .. .it is still a difficult thing to use

    Rest all good


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