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Top five reasons to choose AccAD for WAN traffic optimisation

In this article I present the top five reasons why selecting AccAD for WAN optimisation would be the right choice for your company. This list is intended to highlight the benefits of AccAD for you to consider while you are doing a thorough product comparison of available solutions.

1)    You are primarily an SAP ‘shop’
Many customers have selected SAP to be the backbone for their IT landscape. If your company predominantly runs SAP then AccAD is a logical choice. Your support staff will be familiar with SAP methodology & process for support & implementation. Choosing AccAD eliminates the need to bring a new vendor into the landscape. Also see point 4.

2)    Price Point – It’s free with NetWeaver!
Clearly, a compelling argument is the price point. The licence for AccAD is free provided you have a valid NetWeaver licence. Your only cost will be licensing of the underlying OS & infrastructure deployment costs. AccAD is configured to be able to run on minimal infrastructure & can be virtualised & could be run on existing infrastructure.

3)    Ease of implementation
Given the nature of AccAD as a ‘network appliance’ the solution can be quick to deploy. With minimal configuration options & without the overhead of full lifecycle landscape complexity that’s often incurred when deploying non-appliance solutions.

4)    Application aware
Being a vendor-specific product, AccAD is ‘application aware’ with the focus on optimising SAP traffic. This provides you with the assurance you are getting the absolute optimal performance over the WAN from your SAP solution.

5)    Flexibility
As AccAD is not hardware specific whereas many products in this area are. This means you have some flexibility in hardware & OS selection allowing you to leverage your existing supplier relationships & tap into your IT shops’ existing skill sets.

Of course there are many other factors to consider before choosing if AccAD is the right solution for your landscape, however I hope this short list has been able to help you with your product selection.
For more detailed information on the product & its capabilities & limitations, please read the dedicated page here on SDN

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  • Daniel,

    thanks for this excellent blog. Our client also needs to optimize WAN traffic for their global portal environment and it’s good to see the advantages of AccAD concisely explained in a nutshell.
    Do you have details on the optimization ratio of AccAD, compared to other optimizers such as Riverbed? Do you have any experience in monitoring the OS of the AccAD appliance i.e. does SAP offer interfaces to hook it up into the existing monitoring landscape?
    thanks & looking forward to reading your future blogs,