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Master Data Planning – Quick and Easy 

Your customer wants to implement a planning project. But besides entering key figures also master data attributes should be changed in the planning application directly. And additionally a status flag should be set in an easy way. There are work arounds for that but they all require a complexe setup and several planning function.

In our Live Expert Session we will show how this task can be done in BW IP by using just one very flexible planning function. Thus the solution becomes easy to implement yet still flexible enough to meet many different requirements.

So meet me at the Clubhouse in Vienna to see such the solution  in a live demo.

Have a look at the detail here:

Looking forward to meet you in Vienna,

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  1. Sankarganesh Thirumalaisamy

    Hi Gerd,

    Many thanks for providing the option for comments.

    I have implemented the solution  “How to Flexibly Change Characteristic Values and Comments in BI Integrated Planning”  for comments option in my IP requirement .

    I am facing the below 2 issues after implementing this solution.

    1. SAVE_DATA function not working in all the web applications which are having query from the   aggregation levels of a realtime cube. After correcting the key figure values i tried to save the data using SAVE_DATA function available in WAD, suddenly the below error appears.
    Please refer the attached error message image

    2. Before implementing the commenting solution am able to create a new record but now the comments field not accepting any values for new record creation. When i save the record with the comment field value as # the above mentioned error appears.

    Could you pleas provide me a solution on this.

    Many thanks in advance!

  2. Gerd Schoeffl Post author

    Hi Sankarganesh,

    So if I understand it correctly then the situation you are having is:

    • you have created an InfoCube using a characteristic without master data (for holding a ‘comment’.
    • you have an aggregation level on top of this InfoCube and a query with the comment characteristic in the rows.
    • you enter a new row with ‘#’ as comment and receive the above error.

    Unfortuinately from the error message I cannot see what the problem was. Could you start transaction rstt on the backend, go to user activation and activate the trace for your user. Now statt the web template and perform the action that causes the error. In rsrt you should now see the new trace (under ‘trace collection’) you can play the trace and you should get some more detailed error information.

    Please be aware that with this technique you cannot enter any new ‘comments’ directly in new lines as the input is checked against the list of existing master data also for this characteristic. You can only enter with comment ‘#’ and the do a repost (as described in the how to paper).


    There is also a new comment solution using an input enabled DSO with a characteristic as a key figure. Also this solutio is not a full blown comment solution but it handles way more situations than the quite old work-around you are using here.


    Best regards,



  3. Former Member

    Hello Gerd,

    Many thanks for your update.

    Unfortunately the system not accepting the ‘#’ as comment directly in the new lines and it throws the same error as described in the previous screenshot.

    As a workaround we are using the default comment (‘COPIED FROM ACTUAL’) in all the new lines and it is working fine.

    Thank you.



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