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Many SAP customers run multiple SAP systems and often on the same hardware, SAP supports virtual hostnames which will install the SAP instance on the virtual hostname, but this is not reflected in the ICM configuration.

h5. The Challenge

For example a development and test SAP CE system are installed on the same host, using virtual hostnames;

Development  SID = DEV, Instance = J00, Virtual Host = devhost
Test              SID = TST, Instance = J05, Virtual Host = tsthost

Normally, end-users would connect to the development system at http://devhost:50000/ and the test system http://tsthost:50500/ however, in the default ICM configuration the ports are bound to all available IP-addresses/hosts thus http://tsthost:50000/ would provide a valid connection to the development system. This can be very confusing for end-users…

h5. Configure ICM

In NetWeaver 7.1 configuration of JAVA ports is part of the ICM. The ICM can be accessed at http://%3chost%3e:%3cport%3e/sap/admin/public/index.html . Logon to the ICM with user ‘webadm’ and the password set during installation, but the guest user has enough access to view ‘Active Services’.


The hostname and port need to be correct in the URL for the system that the end-user is connecting to;

DEV – http://devhost:50000/
TST – http://tsthost:50500/

If the hostname and port do not match, like http://tsthost:50000/ a HTTP 404 (page not found) error message would be returned.


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