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I don’t know about anyone else trying to get a grip on something in SAP, but I have found out that what used to be OSS and now are SAP Notes can come quite handy. They seem a bit odd at times, but they offer the last line of defense before the actual test and debug of a particular issue or problem one is facing during implementation and support.

One particular area that I’m trying to get a better handle on is SEM-BCS and it is of particular interest to me, but others can be equally applicable. What I have tried below is to start with the dozen of high-level notes to see what they have spawned. My goal is to have all of them in one place and to show how they relate to each other.

For the list below, I have also added little “takeaways” for each note to summarize the content. Please note that your id may need access to view the SAP Notes, the ordering scheme is copied from the top-level note and comments are purely mine and not officially by SAP.

The first note is exploded to show the referenced notes and others follow as a list.












1. Requirements of SEM-BCS for the data model  –  don’t change objects without good reason
1a. Upgrade to SEM-BCS 6.0 – infrastructure enhancements  –

your investments task and goodwill entry may dump

1b. Consolidation monitor: Problems with compound of chars  – synch up group and unit consolidations
1c. BI Content for ERP 2005 Enhancement Package 2  – correction for status workflow restatement deferred tax
1d. Data model settings for assets/liabilities  – CVA and elimination in transferred assets
1e. Data inconsistencies in SEM-BCS  – duplicated totals values
1f. FinBasis: Synchronization deletes BW hierarchies  – correction for group and unit hierarchies
1g. FinBasis: Changes to 0FISCYEAR/0FISCPER/0FISCPER3  – correction for period and year error
2. SEM-BCS 6.0: Activating the SAP delivery example  – set up of mock group
3. Results of changes in the data model  – how your changes impact whole structure
4. Data basis: Notes on the configuration  – mother of all sem-bcs notes
5. Data basis: Generating data streams: Data conversion  – read it before generating data streams
6. Financials Basis: Primary fiscal year variant  – using anything different from K4 may be risky
7. Version Customizing in SEM-BCS  – keep your versions in order
8. Items: Assignment of account assignment categories  – make account assignment version dependent
9. FinBasis: Reports for the manual synchronization  – synch up your BCS to BW
10. Consulting note: Data entry in SEM-BCS  – data entry layouts explained
11. Various problems when working in monitor  – when running monitor you can see those
12. SEM-BCS:Distributn of dividends in consolidation of investm.  – just when you thought you had your net income finalized

You can find more detail notes here:

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  1. Gregory Misiorek Post author
    don’t know how this happened, but there is a note about future plans for SEM-BCS and it seems very relevant.

    the official reference is here:…i%20feel%20more%20mature%20already%208-)…%3Cbr/%3E%3Cbr/%3Emy%202%20cents%20or%203%20Groschen…whatever%20the%20rate%20is%20these%20days


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