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Bring the Business Suite to your Desktop — Try XBCML Widgets Today

In partnership with the BusinessObjects Innovation Center, the Business Solutions and Technology (BST) Innovation Center has launched its XBCML Widgets prototype on the SAP Community Network today.  We invite you to download it and let us know what you think!

UPDATE 2011: XBCML widgets are no longer downloadable from the original trial site and they have officially been productized.  See the Productized Prototypes page here:
SAP Research – Productized Prototypes

What are XBCML Widgets? “XBCML” stands for Extensible Business Client Markup Language, and a widget is – in this case – a portable chunk of an SAP application that you can embed in your choice of widget hosts. The XBCML Widgets prototype that we offer today can make SAP applications a permanent part of your desktop, providing you with always-on, up-to-date views of the data and metrics from the SAP backend systems you’re most interested in.

The BST Innovation Center team kicked off this project in order to create a prototype that demonstrates how the Web Dynpro programming model can be used to create widgets on your desktop. Since we’re in prototyping mode, this is where your feedback plays a key role.

Here’s what we set out to provide with this prototype:

  • Re-use of SAP’s programming models for a new way of consuming SAP functionality
  • Seamless transformation of a chunk of an SAP application through your choice of channel, such as browser, desktop, or mobile device
  • High impact on end-user productivity and experience
  • XBCML adoption in the SAP UI stack, which allows for widgets creation with no code changes to the delivered applications

Please let us know your thoughts: How’d we do with our project goals? Is this what you’ve been needing?  What can YOU use it for?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

PS: Check out this demo of XBCML Widgets using the Universal Worklist:

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  • Hi,

    I managed to install the xBCML Widget Gallery on my NSP ABAP system (available for download on SDN) which is 7.01 SP 3.
    Just wanted to share my experience of the few installation exceptions I have crossed that might benefit to others :
    - didn't find the release check in the Constructor of CL_WD_SMART_CLIENT_NEW (because it is already released in SP3?)
    - by default, STMS is not configured for your localhost, change the host in STMS transaction (click on Overview [Shift + F6] and select NSP system, update Communication tab and Transport tool tab)
    - it is also possible to upload cofiles and data files using FM 'ARCHIVFILE_CLIENT_TO_SERVER' (I guess using CG3Y or CG3Z [never remember which one...] it is possible too)
    - I transported both in client 001 and 000 (because there were errors in 001 with content of tables)

    The questions now!  🙂
    1) When I try to register my ABAP system, it seems the xBCML Widget client is looking for a zlmcbx_service service?
    2) Are the sample applications only available as Web Dynpro Java applications (meaning this demo require AS Java to work completely)? [As far as I understand the whole architecture, it is still possible to develop Web Dynpro ABAP applications, isn't it?]

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Guillaume,

      Thanks for trying out this prototype and also for your feedback.
      - The release check is introduced in some of the later releases to disable SmartClient support as its planned to be released in 7.02. It might be enabled on older versions.
      - Thanks for the update on local configurations
      - Some tables related to the Gallery Admin Role (XBCML_ADMIN) are of delivery class "C" which can only be imported to client 000.

      Coming to your questions:
      1) Yes this service provides widget information registered in the gallery to the client.  This service can be enabled via transaction SICF: default_host>zlmcbx_service: right-click>Activate Service. (Only required if you are using WebDynpro ABAP gallery)

      2) Yes the sample applications made available are for AS Java. But as you mentioned widget architecture is independent of AS Java or AS ABAP.  The gallery is just a place holder to registered widgets.
      For AS ABAP you can use zwidget_gallery application to register your widgets, it can register widgets on AS Java or ABAP.  The registered widgets are made available to the client via the service mentioned in question 1. If you applications are on AS Java you can choose to use the gallery on AS Java, in this case you don't have to import the abap package and vice-versa.

      Feel free to contact me.


      • Hi Apurv,
            I wanted to download this widget but the download link is not working. I contacted sapnetwork and they said that the item was deleted by the author. can you please provide the link for the download? Thanks
        • Hi Prakash,

          Thanks for bringing this to our notice.  I have contacted the concerned person and hope to have some answer by next week. 

          I will update you once I have some information on this.

          Thanks for your interest in XBCML Widgets.

  • Nice work from the team. Will try out and post my thoughts. From the demo, looks as if the back-end was pushing information to the client. How do you manage such a fast refresh of data in the widget?


    • Hi KK,

      Thanks for your interest in XBCML Widgets.  The XBCML Widgets are webdynpro application rendered using rich client technology on the desktop.  It behaves the same way as it does in the browser but the client controls the refresh cycle where the user sets the refresh interval value (individual widget level).  This can be set by right-clicking on the widget>Preferences> General tab> Refresh Interval.


    • Hi Mario,

      Thanks for your interest.  We have included a very limited client side support for German, Español, French and Japanese in the current version of this prototype. We are working towards extending this support for above mentioned languages.


      • Hi Mario,

        I forgot to add that the server side (WD application) support is I18N ready so the widget content should render correctly.  Let us know if you encounter issues. We will be glad to hear from you.