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[Sun | /people/jim.spath/blog/2009/10/11/phoenix–day-0–do-you-know-the-way-to] | Mon (/people/jim.spath/blog/2009/10/13/sap-teched-09–day-of-user-community) | Tue (/people/jim.spath/blog/2009/10/13/solution-manager-tool-talk-and-more-on-sapteched09-opening-day) | *Wed* | Thu (/people/jim.spath/blog/2009/10/15/teched-totally-thursday) | Fri (/people/jim.spath/blog/2009/10/16/tombstone-arizona–sapteched09-friday)   *CPM – Capacity Planning Management – ALM226* Opening session 8:00 AM – Mary Anne Smith (*Sustainability *

At 11:00, I joined a blogger roundtable chat with SAP’s Ranga Boola on sustainability performance management initiatives.  While not part of my full time job, I’m interested in seeing how SAP manages its own operations, as well as the developing product line for environmental responsibility.  The critiques and roadmap that were shared were fascinating, delving into how SAP can anticipate customer requirements, government mandates, and competitive opportunities.  Jon Reed ( will no doubt have other insights in this area.

*Solution Manager (1)*

At Noon, I decided to pass on an ASUG volunteer lunch and get together to dive once again into Solution Manager content, as SAP’s Evan Stoddard had reserved an expert networking lounge session.  I was surprised that the area was almost empty.  Great opportunity for me to learn more from Evan, but missed opportunities for others.  I’ll need to look at the slides from sessions that I missed on the Solution Manager road map, and maybe get Evan to do a webcast on this; here are a few bullet points (OK, a lot) from our chat:

  • need a “method and tools” person / ASAP
  • blueprinting
  • UDA – dependency analyzer (online now, will be in SolMgr later)
  • Roadmap?
  • End user experience and the BW cubes?
  • “EHP5 can’t be released without full Solution Manager content”
  • Download template library
  • E2E training
  • “Maintenance strategy released yesterday”
  • 2013 7.1 – Dec 2010 (hopefully) / CRM / NW / ITSM / ABAP stack only
  • SLD…
  • rampup H1 2011
  • 3 years
  • new CRM doesn’t use transaction messages – need new infrastructure.
  • SAP ERP for IT.
  • For call escalation
  • “CPH is toast”
  • Monitoring alerts in CPH copied
  • longterm merging BI and BO
  • Use diagnostic agent
  • agents will send to central system.
  • “Alerting monitoring infrastructure”

I picked up a couple business cards from peers working with Solution Manager.

*Business Warehouse Infrastructure *

After lunch, I attended Procter & Gamble’s session on their implementation of nearline storage for BW.  They have an astounding 30 TB instance, and while we’ve not passed 10TB, it won’t be long.  Unfortunately by the time I was able to get to the vendor area to learn more about the solution they chose, it was closed for the day.  Hopefully Thursday I’ll get time to return.

There is one followup question I need to understand, as the answer given during the Q&A session did not adequately describe the resource growth being mitigated by the nearline storage.

*Technology and Operations*

At 3:00 I spent a few minutes with IBM’s Irene Hopf getting insight into results and analyses of a survey they did on IT intelligent operations.  Unfortunately I ran out of time before the next session started, and the conversation drifted away from answers I tried to get on who survey was targeted to, both from the original question set and from the result set.  If Irene reads this blog, perhaps she can tell the SAP community more.  The sample set was diverse, so the trends aren’t simply from a narrow IBM-centric, large customer perspective.


*Solution Manager (2) *

At 3:15 I attended new SAP Mentor Tony de Thomasis (’s session on how they use Solution Manager at Australia Post.  While not standing room only, the session was packed; Tony did an awesome job switching from canned slides to live demos of his landscape, only occasionally forgetting to hit the monitor switch.  He made many of the same points we discovered as we’ve ramped up Solution Manager, including having a sand box for patch practice, making sure agents are running (Mary Anne Smith said the same thing about Early Watch Analyses), and that executive buy-in is the only way to have support for the time required to leverage Solution Manager.

Tony’s Solution Manager tips that are my prime takeaways:

  • Group by function as well as logically
  • DB02, ST06 central views
  • Inventory to spreadsheet or HTML

*Mobile Technologies* At 4:30, I assisted the Hands On Session on Mobilizing SAP business processes to any device. Stefan Wawrzinek let me practice this earlier in the day, as I don’t code within SAP myself (just read other’s code, and debug it, and tune it).  The session was completely full, including every observer chair in the back.  I had expected audience questions to be “I’m stuck on the exercise”, which happened a bit, though many other topics were brought up to discuss how this application is used in business processes, how devices can be serialized (phone numbers were used as an example, though that doesn’t apply to every widget out there). Some people asked about the data model, and the distribution model.  Stefan’s presentation mentioned these, saying they were “assumed” in order to be able to get through a working demo in about an hour of actual hands-on after the presentation and overview.  Valid points, so there is a lot of thinking going on for mobile devices.  I just wish I could get more webcasts and discussions in our ASUG special interest group on Mobile Technologies!   *Business cards* (not many Wednesday…) Balaram Modukuri (business process expert) Michael Liebeskind (business intelligence infrastructure) [Luis Angulo |] (solution manager) Ulrich Scholl (SAP VP) *SCNotties awards* See wiki pages, You Tube, photos below *BPX Slam* See wiki pages, You Tube, tweets ** {code:html}Process Design Slam TechEd Phoenix Agenda{code}0.1. 0.2. {code:html}Phoenix Collaborative Modeling Google Wave Gravity{code}0.1. 0.2. {code:html}UI and Dashboards{code}0.1. 0.2. {code:html}Design Slam – Implementation Subgroup{code}0.1. 0.2. {code:html}Desert City Utility Plant{code}0.1. 0.2. {code:html}Process Innovation Project Methodology {code} [@rukso |] Great to get a shout out from your peers: [ |] > RT @[jspath55 |]: #bpxslam09 ( gravity google wave docs – ( -> Great work, tnks for sharing ! *Appendix* VPN, network lossage (will expand later)   image   {code:html}{code}   *Another Blag and Jim Production! * image

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  1. Tammy Powlas
    I feel as though I were there.  Mary Anne’s slides are excellent; I wish I could’ve been there for Evan Stoddard’s session(s) as I’ve seen him speak before.

    Just remember, coming back, they are predicting a possibility of snow in Winchester, VA! 

    Can’t wait for the Thursday/Friday write-ups.

  2. Marilyn Pratt
    I always enjoy your summaries (and grateful for the links to the Process Design Slam wiki pages because they highlight really excellent work done by the teams).
    When you lent me your SD card I uploaded our pictures to Flickr so your photos and mine are now posted and a bit mixed.
    Feel free to tag SAP TechEd pictures here under SAP TechED Phoenix 09 group.

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