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Morning networking

  Blog Thursday  None of the early Thursday sessions interested me enough, so I dropped in to the Phoenix Convention Center after 9AM.  On my way to the community clubhouse, I happened to meet Lorra Moyer, who I had worked with on an ASUG fall event in Phoenix in 2002.  As we chatted, Lorra said she’d be interested in my ideas and opinions on projects she is tasked with, including one with an SAP partner whose products we also use. 


We went to look for coffee, but there was none to be found in the blogger area.  On the other hand, Marilyn Pratt was there working, so I did my usual “do you know” social question, and it turned out they had been remote network contacts for 10 years and until then never met face-to-face.  Lorra and I then chatted on energy usage and monitoring practices, SAP sustainability reporting and a few other brainstorms.  


Around 11 AM, Lorra said she needed to get on a conference call, and I happened to see Gail Moody nearby.  I introduced them, and again, they had never met, but were supposed to be on the same call. 

Mentors had their pictures taken before lunch.  I wanted mine with the ASUG booth in the background, which Doris the photographer somewhat grudgingly agreed to.  I’m not sure why everyone’s background needed to be exactly the same  — seemed rather mundane to me.

I also did a couple podcasts, one with Greg Capps of Coca-Cola, the ASUG Security SUG program chair, and one with Sahile Chawla of SAP.  Both focused on the ASUG / SAP influence process.

After that, I sat in Bill Adams and Tami Morrison’s session on automating performance tuning.  Bill was finishing a demo slot, then began talking about the Code Inspector.  He’s quite funny when he talks about the right and wrong ways to write code

Bill Adams said there’s Code Inspector syntax check bypass instructions, but knows better than to put this in the #sapteched09 presentation.


Wiki Production

Tony de Thomasis and I collaborated on my first official hands-on session (as a sitter rather than a gopher) with “Wikis Inside SAP Portal”, which turned out to be the Jive wiki toolset.  It’s the same product that (Collaboration Workspace) uses, and an earlier version of the one that uses.  The only part of this I hadn’t used before was the administration side, as neither of those lets me have privileges beyond asking for resources.  We had a few good sidebar conversations with Scott Braker of SAP, particularly around the future of KM (Knowledge Management) in the SAP product suite.  My sense is that SAP will sunset KM, though nothing is certain.


Landcape Governance

I was able to listen to about 2/3 of Matt Kangas’ discussion of landscape management, including a fascinating tangent into the charter and operation of a “Landscape Governance Council”, which sounded very foreign (not to mention it should have user representation, either through ASUG or SUGEN.

Mobile Technologies

Once again, I helped out in the hands-on session.  I’ll post more on this topic on the ASUG web site.

I left this session a little early to catch the last meeting of the day, where Juergen Lindner of SAP and Alexander Marx of HP talked about Green IT.  I brought up what I had learned at the ASUG Maryland/Baltimore chapter meeting on the site.




  • Alexander Marx (HP) – Green IT with Juergen Lindner
  • Salim Ali – works with Gail Moody (Hopenhagen)
  • Linda Arens (Sand)



My 2 color-coded badges, my 3 coupons for not having my sheets washed, and the SAP speaker shirt bamboo fiber tag.


Marilyn, not Lorra



Gail Moody, Me







Martin getting ready to talk “Cloud Security”



Harald, Chris




Kristen working the ASUG booth, demoing user content for another customer.




Graham, Gretchen, Doug, Sue, Me



Movie Sign









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