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Troubleshooting F110…


The Automatic Payment Program is capable of processing both incoming and outgoing payments. That is, it is relevant for both Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.

It is a widely and frequently used utility in SAP and it is important to know the problems encountered during the APP run.

Following document can be used as a guide against common errors and will prove to be useful during troubleshooting F110.

Section A

1     Ensure the payment method mentioned in the payment run is the same as in the vendor master.



2 Check vendor/customer open items

The payment will be possible only if the Proposal generated is correct.

Check Vendor Open Line Items in FBL1N in case the proposal shows an error.


 3 Tab Free selection

Here, the document might have been explicitly excluded in the selection or only particular document needs to be included in the payment run.

The selection can be based on the following Document Number, Document Type, Currency, Accounting Clerk, and Payment Methods.


 4 Check the field Next Payment Date shown below

The above mentioned field checks the due date of payables. If an item is already overdue on the date of the next payment run, or would lose cash discount, the system pays the item in this payment run.

The general rule for receivables is that they cannot be paid until the baseline date for payment has been reached. Such items are paid on or after the baseline date for payment, regardless of when the next payment run is scheduled for. 


5 Check Payment Block 

The line item may not be included in the payment proposal if it has been blocked for payment.Please verify the same in FB03.


Section C – No Printout even after successful payment!! Check the variant used in the print program. Following pointers are important.


6 Ensure the payment method is the same as the one mentioned in the payment run!!

7 The house bank should be the same as defined in FBZP for the corresponding company code and payment method!!


If the above pointers are not heeded; following message “No records selected’ is inevitable.


8 Debugging the payment run program!!

Being a core ABAPer I am tempted to throw in something for the Technical folks.

Following is the common problem encountered by the ABAPers.

Notice below the program in the tab ‘Printout/Data Medium’. The control doesn’t stop at the program/script while debugging through F110!!



Run the program via SE38. Explicily enter the Run Date and Identification you wish to debug for. That’s it!!

Now you can debug the program/script n number of times.


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