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Stuff I learned at SAP TechEd09 Today

I have just finished the first day of SAP TechEd 09 and I thought I would share what I learned today.

  1. SAP TechEd is very big – over 450 session over 4 days
  2. SAP NetWeaver BPM 7.2 does allow you to create fully fledged Composite Applications without writing a line of code – which was a great feeling
  3.  You need to understand what SAP have been doing with SOA over the past 5 years to make sense of the “new stuff” – so good job I do
  4. Early exponential growth looks just like linear growth – the trick is spotting the things that will go exponential !
  5. SAP are filling the “missing link” of SOA by delivering a “Local Event Infrastructure” (LEI) – so goodbye SOA and hello Event Driven Architecture (EDA)
  6.  The infrastructure that supports these applications is really really clever – you need to understand what it is doing and how to tune it to make your systems fly
  7. The SAP and Business Objects merge is going well and given another 12-18 months will deliver some really amazing stuff – so spend this time making sure your backend house is in order – so you don’t end up putting lip stick on a pig
  8. DemoJam delivered some really fun applications some of which might actually be useful – go Yowie !!

Oh and I helped one guy configure service end points and he was really pleased – nice to get thanked 🙂

Not bad for one day….hope tomorrow is a good.

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