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I thought my Solution Manager presentation went well, with a good crowd, and many great questions.

The room was huge, which was intimidating when only the first dozen or so attendees were in the room. With plenty of slides, I had no problem filling the hour with content; taking questions throughout caused me to skip the majority of screen shots I had prepared to demonstrate a few points.

Lack of access to the company VPN also eliminated the chance of a demo.

Questions from the audience:

  • Is Solution Manager being desupported at the end of 2011, per the published road map?
  • If a company is newly starting with SAP, does it make more sense to start Solution Manager than for a longer term customer?
  • Given the state of our Solution Manager roll-out, would we have done things differently?

Later in the day, “KK” from DeLoitte found me in the hallway and generally agreed with my assessment of the stability, usefulness and impact of Solution Manager.

If you’re interested in the updated slides, I can get them posted onto ASUG or SDN.

In particular, we applied 2 more notes since the slides were submitted in August, one just last week to attempt to repair bogus uptime information for our BW application servers.

0001387435    0002    SV-SMG-SER    Avg. Availability per Week in Performance Indicators Update

That note did not fix the problem this week; maybe next week?

After my session was complete, I stopped in to the Bloggers corner for a few minutes to eavesdrop on Denis Browne’s round table on a few SAP future technologies.  One of these I had seen presented at the ASUG fall conference in Nashville in 2007, and while I think it is a great demo, I am unconvinced that this can be widely adopted by more SAP customers without significant investments.

At lunch, I met and spoke with Michael Krigsman.  Michael is impressed with what SAP and the Mentor initiative has done.  He kicked around ideas about what other scenarios could be used to leverage the brainpower and idea factory that exists in the collective minds of nearly 100 of the most active SAP community members.

After that, and more networking (see card collection summary below), I was a few minutes tardy to the Carbon Home Challenge by John Astill.  John was speeding through his talk, showing a demo that was not communicating well with FaceBook, but which was fairly useful in offline mode.  We chatted about his projects after the session ended; I noted there were 50 members in that community, a very small number compared to possibly more glamorous groups like the FB “Terms of Service”, etc.

Late in the afternoon, almost 20 professionals of many backgrounds gathered for an update on the plans for the Business Process Slam 2009, Phoenix version.

I shot a 1 minute video of Vijay, which is now on YouTube – see below.

Nearing the end of the available time slots on the day, I caught up with Tony de Thomasis of Australia Post, and Irene Hopf of IBM, with Tony showing their progress rolling out the latest virtualized hardware for SAP, including many large production instances.

Oh, and I pinged Zia on Solution Manager when I could get a word in edgewise.

Demo Jam.  Beer?  I’m shocked.



  • Fritz Huijskens
  • Nick Katzenbach
  • Tony de Thomasis
  • Paul Grill
  • Matt Harding
  • John Krakowski, Jr.



  • Michael Krigsman
  • IdaRose Sylvester
  • Matt Perkins
  • Alastair McRobb
  • Krishnakumar “KK” Ramamoorthy
  • Denis Browne



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  1. Former Member
    Hi Jim,
    I am really interested to see your SolMan slides as I myself as implementing few scenarios for my client.
    Can you please post them here on SDN?


  2. Tammy Powlas
    I wish I could be there!!

    Could you please post your updated slides on ASUG.COM

    Thank you for your daily blogs for those of us who couldn’t be in Phoenix (45 degrees here in Fairfax, VA)

    1. Jim Spath
      Post author
      And I didn’t bring a coat for the trip home.  on the other hand, I now have 2 very warm SAP Mentor Rugby shirts.

      Yes, I’ll attach the updated deck to the wiki page on the ASUG Solution Manager SIG folder.

      Evan Stoddard laid out the road map, which I’ll try to cover in my next.  It’s a mess, in my view.

      For SDN, I may write an article instead of posting the slides.  Long story.  See rant.


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