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Ever since I had completed my under grad program in chemical engineering, I was curious to know about the SAP, but was waiting for the break. Mean while started my career in chemical engineering and moved to automotive industry as environmental analyst.

The very first encounter with SAP screen happened in 2005, where my colleague showed me material master record of SAP screen.At that time I was pretty much confused and wondered why we have to maintain so much data for a material, unable to digest the fact that material master has close to 25-30 views and around 350 fields to be maintained.

     My second chance to have glance of SAP happened in same year, where I was involved in underatnding SAP master datas for Materials and Vendors and to prepare a small document with my understanding and this was a bomb on me as to whcih I dont know how to navigate and where to check, however I was pretty sure that I am going to learn SAP. But the very next moment questions cropped up, What is SAP? how to know SAP? Is materials and vendors are the only topics in SAP?

 Fortunate enough to have good experienced buddies around to explain me the significance of each fields and its functionalities. In this way my saga continues for next few months and now I am able to relate my domain knowledge in automotives and chemical indsutry with SAP functionality.

  My confidence levels boosted with my certification and I am prone to new horizons and more proactive to under take new challenges.

   Knowledge in SAP, is getting incremented as my association with it increases. The more I drill the more new topics I have learnt and learning and its a continuous process. Now I am able to use SDN forum/blogs and many more discussion forum where I can post – view and understand different scenarios.

   and my learning continuous………………..

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