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If someone asks you a question – hey you know what ?- retailers have terabytes of POS data stored in their BI systems –– are they   getting better business insights from the volumes of data – stored and  generated everyday. 

Well one can dream on – of an ideal Retail Analytics Solution with interactive dashboards – prebuilt KPI’s across the retail supply chain – enhanced by  nuggets of predictive intelligence .If one can  dream further –one can add a planning /forecasting & simulation engine over the data – to aid the business managers to carry out their pet  “what if “ scenario’s . 

If One  wakes up – one would realize that – while the end desired solution seems clear and perhaps  be visualized also , there may exist  distinct possibility of tools available to achieve the same – one has to has  answer a series of questions prior  before the end sate can be reached .it also requires multiple components of solutions to be brought together  – to create a “sum of the parts is greater than the whole “Retail analytics solution. 

One may ask questions like

1)     What are the various KPI’s across the Retail Supply chain? – Where do we get the base data to build these KPI’s? Who from Retail organization would be interested in monitoring these KPI’s – which of these are prebuilt in SAP standard solutions   and not whitespaces – that needs to be custom built. Finally with so many presentation layers available in the SAP BI space – there is also a question of selection of  best suited presentaion layer to build the business friendly Analytics Retail dashboard/s. 

2)     If there exist multiple BI solutions (from different product vendors) in the landscape – pro’s and con’s of sun setting a few and going for Retail enterprise wide BI solution strategy. 

 3)     What is the best fit planning and forecasting solution in retail context? Components of which- would give maximum benefit to a retailer.  

 4)     Which of the Predictive analytics- like market basket analysis? Mark up/down optimization, price & promotion modeling, store clustering & price zone definition etc create maximum impact? What are  the right kind of tools to build these models? Which statistical techniques are to be used and finally how do we integrate this with core BI solution – to create an actionable Business impact. 

Well there are  more such questions but you get the drift …… 

Let us explore each of these EPM components as applied to retail industry context in this series of blogs ….

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  1. Former Member
    Your blog doesn’t really say anything; it only presents questions that we are already familiar with.
    Do you have any insight to share; do you have any suggested solutions or experience on the questions you present?
    1. Former Member Post author
      Yes David – these are just Questions and also start of the blog 🙂 .Some one once said – 1st part of seeking answers is asking right questions ..

      Please feel free to add your questions ..

  2. Former Member
    There is no value telling people questions they already know.
    People look to these blobs for information and solutions not questions.
    I hate to be mean; I’m just so tired of the uninformed presenting themselves as experts. If you cannot provide value, then please, go home!

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