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I’m on my way to SAP Teched in Phoniex and I’m really looking forward to the event. I have just been announced as an SAP Mentor that I’m really proved of. I share my path to with the SDN community in this blog.
I was offered a job as a SAP XI consultant in October 2004. After my first interview I was pointed in the direction of SDN, to learn a little more about XI. I was introduced to SDN like the place to learn everything about XI. I had initial thought that it contained detailed manuals on how to start developing on the XI system. I was almost fresh out of university, so I had no idea on how companies delivered content about their products. I did not find anything useful on SDN, before I started the job and got the introduction courses on XI. Then I was able to start to learn how to use SDN.

The first couple of years working with XI, I relied on SDN forums and blogs to help with problem solving. I did have colleagues like Thorsten Søbirk and Morten Wittrock ( from the detrobulator project).  At that time I was looking forward to all the blogs, which posted information on using the new features of the XI system. Around 2005 lots of new features was add with services packs delivered quite often. I’m sad that I currently does not follow the post on new PI features as closely anymore. I just see if it is a feature I know already otherwise I read the blog. But I have shifted my focus to being able to search the features I need for projects. This does mean that I’m not learning the new PI features; I do know where to find them when I need them.

I tried to become a blogger also in 2005, because I found it interesting to share what I have learned. I was rejected because of there was too many bloggers in the PI field. So I could just use the forums to ask help. I think I asked to tough questions to many of the forums, like how to hack some parts of the API so I did not get many replies on the questions.

At some point I became a blogger and could start to share my technical tutorials on how to use new functionality or use alternative technical solutions. I really liked to be able share my ideas. I was really happy when I got some feedback on the blogs that I wrote. It is nice to write what you like, but it is much nice when you get feedback on the result. I struggled with finding interesting topics to write about, but writing the blogs often lead me to learn new features. You have to do some research to be able to write something to the world.
When I have had any issues with the SDN site, like my S-number changed or something else happened, there has always been a human person who helped solve the problem fast. This mean that I saw SDN as much more friendly and user driven area, compared to Service Markedplace, which was much more formal. There is of cause a difference in what two organizations focus on.

After becoming freelancer last fall I was on hoping to be able to use SCN to improve my personal brand. I do believe that potential customers like to see that I’m active and that I have the technological skill required. I know that if I was to hire a freelancer, I did not have a references for, I would use SDN to see his questions would help much in the evaluation. I don’t know if this is true or if people just want to have someone else to comment on the person they want to hire. There is a plugin for The LinkedIn SAP Community Bio app is finally available, which allows you to share your SCN profile so potential partners much easier can see you contributions.

In the spring my contract ended and I had a lot of spare time, so I had to work on my own ideas. I found that using Twitter could be interesting. Lots of the SAP Mentors are on twitter, and it is easy to start a conversation with them. I know Twitter is a time killer and it takes a lot of time to use it, and you have to know what you want to say. If you want to get started with twitter, start following the hashtag #sapteched09, where lots of fellow community members will share their thoughts.

I have just appointed as a SAP Mentor, and it really mean that my experience with the community has changed. I get invited to more areas to participate, and share the ideas I have. This also means that I get to see more of what is behind the community and hopefully making the community and products better.

I do hope for some more good years. 

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  1. Bhavesh Kantilal
    Hello Daniel,
    You deserved it all. Your blogs especially all the nice little tools that you have put for PI developers to use are something that are extremely useful.

    The PI community is glad that you got nominated and selected as a Mentor. Congratulations once again!


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