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I got an email request today asking for “documented proof” about their status in the community of being active and as I wrote the email to explain to them that they really did not need me to prove this and that we only “document” it one time a year when we celebrate our “Top Contributors” I thought I could also shoot out a quick blog post. Next week is the start of the SAP TechEd events around the world and as you meet and greet people at the event you should probably also think about where you want to send them to learn more about yourself. Maybe it’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or maybe it’s right here to SCN?
So below is an excerpt of my email to the individual on how to make themselves stand out but it’s also how to ensure that if someone comes here looking for you they’ll find out what they need to know about you.
Reference here is some sort of documented proof on how good a person is in a particular topic… 

The best method to achieve this is certainly to not ask directly. Once a year (Congratulations 2008-2009 Top Contributors) we acknowledge the “Top Contributors” across all communities properties not just the forums however this is the only time we provide such documented “evidence” other than that each community member has the opportunity to edit their “My Profile” within the community and to share their information including their contributions, this is referred to as your “Business Card”.

This profile is accessible via everything you do in the community and most important is the 2nd and 3rd tabs which allow you to share more. The 2nd tab I would say is critical to share your contributions so everyone can see exactly what is is that you have done.
By clicking the “Show rewarded contributions” you can for example see everything and everywhere I have earned contribution points for and thus see and evaluate my skill and knowledge based on how I have helped others.
Also watch this area because in the near future there will be some more information about this coming out in relation to this business card and other popular networking sites. 
Here are some additional bits of information to help you make the most out your recognition possibilities in the community.
You can also view your current progress via the Top Contributors report: Top Contributors
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  1. Former Member

    I found out that the SAP Community Bio application for LinkedIn that has been released this week also show interesting information about your membership.

    For instance, it shows if you are an Active Contributor (> 250 points for the current year [if I’m  not mistaken]) and (according to what I have read and even if I am not) it shows if you are a SDN Mentor.

    Best regards,


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