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Product Intelligence, the new analytic dimension in your PLM application

In product management it is a known fact that roughly 80% of the costs and many other decisions get locked in during the design phase of a product. The main reason being that design decisions are made either in isolation or with limited knowledge of the product lifecycle. Breaking this mold requires a proactive push of relevant product information to downstream business functions as well as an active and timely feedback loop to upstream business functions in order to continually monitor product performance through its lifecycle.

 This lead very early to the request to provide all kind of information within the framework of any application and Product-Centric View (PCV) was born, which is a pure PLM-related application, that was released with EhP4 for Business Suite.  This solution provided a framework to display the output of analytical reports based on the context of PLM objects like for instance a product. It delivered a set of analytics and decision support applications to provide product related visibility and intelligence through the lifecycle stages of a product and its related service life. This enables companies to analyze, predict and manage product performance – quality, profitability, service, compliance – through its design to dispose lifecycle. Such capabilities will help companies make profitable decisions, increase customer satisfaction and increase product innovation velocity.

With Product-Centric View you can provide ONE starting point for all related infromation around your product. This is Product Intelligence!

Why PCV?

The main element to show this information is a side panel area beside your PLM application. It shows you predefined content (e.g. charts or tables) directly in the context of your PLM object (e.g. quality information for the current displayed material master).

Side Panel 

The data for the side panel content can be catched from different data sources:

  • Real Time Data (e.g. provided by a BAPI)
  • BW/BI data
  • Embedded Search/Enterprise Search or SES (T-REX based)

The data shown in the side panel can be enlarged in the analytic view for further analysis.

Analytical View

To have a complete overview, you can create a dashboard, which is a composition of several charts/tables on one page.


More information you can also find in the WIKI section for PLM 7.0 (PCV part). With Enhancement Package 5 we plan to enhance this new feature. I will follow-up with further information.

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