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Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar for troubleshooting Web pages

Few weeks back while working on a web page in Web Page Composer, I come across a problem which requires lots of modification in a custom .CSS file. The file size was too big, initially it took me hours to modify (color and style matching) and validate the .CSS file.

After sometime one of my friend suggest me to use some simple tools like Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar, Firebug freely available for quickly understanding, and troubleshooting Web pages.

I have search SDN for the same, some good information was available on Firebug but not much information available on Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar, so I planed to share some information on Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar.

Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

The Microsoft Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar provides a variety of tools for quickly creating, understanding, and troubleshooting Web pages.

After installation Microsoft Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar you will see a blue color arrow on your browser toolbar.


Some common features of IE Developer Toolbar are:

One can view the element source with style by clicking on tag “<>” button.


You can select element with a mouse click. Just go to Find –> Select Element by Click


You can even view the Class and ID information, link path, Tab Indexes and Source. View –> Class and Id information


It is very easy to get the image report which will tell you not even SRC path but image actual width, height, alt text with file size.

To get the image report one needs to follow this path. Images –> View Image Report


You can easily Disable a Script or Popup Blocker. Just goto Disable –> Popup Blocker


Whether it Clearing Cache or disabling a Cookie one can do it very easily through IE Developer toolbar. Just goto Cache and choose the option you want.


Some time to match a particular color is very tedious task, but with IE Developer Toolbar it’s just a piece ok cake. Go to Tools –> Select Color Picker one can pick any color available in page.


IE Developer toolbar also provide the facility of custom Ruler creation.


IE Developer toolbar supports multiple validation, you just need to check few checkboxes. Validate –> Multiple Validation


System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows Vista; Windows XP

You can download the toolbar from the following link:

Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar


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    This tool is indeed helpful in customizing wpc pages and in splash you can go to root cause of the problem .

    Very helpfule blog !!

    Thanks Jitender for sharing this info



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