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TechEd Bangalore – Half a TechEd?

So I’ve had confirmation that I’m off the SAP TechEd in Bangalore this year.  In my 12 years of being involved with SAP this is my second TechEd, the first one being Las Vegas two years ago.

So, I started to look at the sessions I wanted to go to and this is where I noticed a big difference between what is offered in Phoenix / Vienna vs. Bangalore.  The areas I’m involved in are Application Life-Cycle Management (Basis), User Productivity (Portal and Mobile) and Security and Identity Management.  So I started to look at the sessions available.  I thought straight away that there is not many.  For example there is only one mobile session.  I then looked at the sessions in Vienna and found that there is a lot more in Vienna.

Below are the number of individual (not repeated and not partner or SCN sessions) planned in each area in Vienna and Bangalore:

Application Life-Cycle Management    63  37
User Productivity  29  12
Security and Identity Management  16  11
Total  108  60






As can be seen with the table above, there are almost half the number of individual sessions in Bangalore as there are in Vienna.  So my question is a simple WHY?  Is it because SAP employees do not want to travel to India?  Is it because of cost?

I have e-mailed SAP TechEd in Bangalore to ask if any more sessions are going to be added – but haven’t had a reply.

In my mind every SAP TechEd should have the same sessions on offer, plus then whatever local partners / SCN members / groups such as ASUG want to offer.  Currently SAP are penalising against SAP specialists in India by doing this.  Bearing in mind the number of SCN members and SAP specialists in India I think this is really unfair.

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  • Hi Paul,
    You are absolutely right that SAP’s goal is to have a single common experience for all SAP TechEd attendees regardless of the location.  And to a large degree, we achieve that.  We have a single, global content development team that starts with a single set of education sessions that are then deployed to each of the regional TechEd events.  However, even with a global agenda, the events are by necessity tailored to each local market where they occur.
    The specific session we present at each location involves a fairly complex analysis and projection involving a number of factors including:  number of expected attendees, topic interest in the local market (other competing topics drawing interest in the market), available expert to deliver the session, number of session rooms, balance of topics across all tracks, potential conflicts between topic, time, speaker, pre-requisites, etc.
    In this specific case, we have to make a projection fairly early on about the number of people we expect to attend TechEd and, based on our market information, we have made a projection and set the number of session rooms based on that projection.  Taking all of that into consideration, the number of sessions in the specific topics you are asking about have come to the numbers you mention.  (Note that likewise, the Shanghai event has an even more reduced agenda to address the expected attendance level.)
    I hope this provides some background into the planned agenda in Bangalore this year.  Regardless, we are very excited about the offering in Bangalore this year including substantial program across all tracks with a lot of content in the BI, BPM, and LM areas.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Bangalore and happy to discuss further onsite!
    • Hi chip,

      Many thanks for replying and explaining the reasoning for it.  I guess that you are not expecting as many attendees as in the US.  I was just quite surprised when I noticed it. I was quite pleased to see that in some cases you have removed the beginner session and kept the advanced session.  If you are going to reduce the number of sessions I personally prefer that the advanced sessions are kept as these advanced sessions are what I find really useful at TechEd as they tend to cover content which is not covered in any documentation or courses.

      Looking forward to seeing you in Bangalore.


    • HI Chip,

      In india, normally consultants will not only come to attend TechEd but also for certifications. Since there is a huge diference between the procedure for taking certification when compared to US/UK, people opt out of TechEd.

      If i am not wrong one has to go several pre qualification stages and need to produce necessary experience documents to prove that they are eligibile to take up certification. Unlike online registration in US/UK, here we need to take several permissions, go through procedures and to submit several documents from/in organizations make things complicated to attend TechEd.

      If the procedure for Certification, made simpler and if SAP offers more and more sessions, i think there will be a swift increase in the TechEd attendies. 

      All these are just my thoughts and experiences(last year, i was not able to attend).

      Thanks and Regards,