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SPRO is the T Code for using the IMG i.e. Implementation guide.

After Upgrade, A problem had arisen that few nodes went missing in the SPRO. However, If I tried searching for it, The search was successful. And the result of FIND displays the specific node. But when I double clicked on it, a dump occurred.


The module FUNDS MANAGEMENT in Financial Accounting could not be found. But if it is searched through FIND as:



The following result is found:


But when “Funds Management” is double clicked, the following dump is created:



The problem is because the Text Index was generated in the previous system. Hence the index is already saved for that particular node. Therefore the search is successful. But In the ECC, however, the node has been removed yet the index to it still exists.

To Solve the problem, we are required to refresh the Text Index. Perform the following steps to get rid of the dump:

  • Click “SAP Reference IMG” box
  • Click “Find” icon (binoculars)
  • image

  • In the popup box, you will find a Text Index Info area. In it you will see the last time the text index was generated.
  • Click the “Refresh in Background” button. This should take less than 5 minutes.
  • Check whether the refreshing is complete in SM 37 Transaction.
  • The dump will stop occurring. J

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