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The Poet Victor Hugo said “Greater than the tread of mighty armies is an idea whose time has come.” While this emerging capability is a bit of a metaphor Micro Applications(MicroApps) has the business power of an army and through some clever adaptations can provide better business performance.

Executives and business unit leaders are grasping for better information from; sales about projections and competitive stats. Operations managers have many unanswered questions regarding; supplychain statuses, inventory, factory performance, etc.  The Finance organization wants a wide variety of information to support analytical and reporting requirements.  The list goes on!

Information Technology leaders often have excellent strategic plans; however, the execution is hampered by limited budgets.  The desire to improve every aspect of the business is tethered by the overall responsibility to provide bullet proof infrastructure support and manage legacy applications.  Few IT organizations have more than twenty percent of their budget for new projects and major enhancements.  Only a few programs orprojects get served.

While IT is working hard to serve many masters there is a constant demand for more capability.  Even with steering committees and program offices the demand exceeds supply frequently by a factor of three to one.

The Idea Whose Time Has Come – Micro Applications

This new capability blends the power of SAP, Google and others. Micro Apps are designed to extend enterprise information systems into the user environment.  Organizations can activate gadgets, widgets, and mobile applications in the desktop/browser space or via mobile devices.  Internal infrastructures or cloud structures are both compatible.  

With reasonable training or working with a service provider an IT organization will be able to fast track critical solutions on behalf of the business.  Simple needs can be resolved in ten’s ofhours while larger projects may consume a hundred hours.  The SAP EcoHub is being populated withseveral gadgets solutions that could incorporated into your application suiteand deployed immediately.

Examples and high level benefits include:

·     Enterprise Desktop Notification – Brings event notifications from all business processesin SAP to your desktop using Google gadgets

·     Dynamic SAP Workplace – Allows end-users to deploy new business capabilities and configure their front-end using the familiar iGoogle framework

·     Global dashboards – Integrate Google Maps with SAP to provide quick visibility along with production status across the globe on your manufacturing or logistics operations

·     Office Productivity – Integrate Google Apps like spreadsheets, etc seamlessly with SAP to provide the familiar Spreadsheet interface to users, but driving it with SAP as the backend.

These MicroApps can be extended easily to other Google solutions like Google Sites, Google Android, etc as well as other Mobile platforms to deploy specific business scenarios, very quickly for your organization.

Today there are no technological barriers in mass-deployment of these MicroApps however we believe the power of MicroApps will be unleashed by the business community.  The beauty of MicroApps lies in its flexibility and its small size to be plugged/applied to any business process. It is really up-to the imagination of the business community on where and how it is to be used.  Once business users comprehend it and come up with ways of applying this, the IT organization would hardly take any time to deploy it.

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Vaidy,

    You mentioned Dynamic SAP Workplace, as an iGoogle based solution. That raised my interest the most, since I am a fan of the iGoogle framework. Unfortunately, I just can’t get to this app at Ecohub. Neither get any results for ‘iGoogle’.
    Anyway, it makes me think. I mean, what’s the message of MicroApps using the iGoogle framework? To me it reads that SAP currently does not have an up-to-date, full featured GUI for HTML (5), nor a mobile HTML solution for smartphones with modern browsers…

    1. Former Member Post author

      I would not necessarily look at using iGoogle over SAP as lack of any technology from SAP but more of extending my SAP into the Google cloud. By integrating iGoogle with SAP, you are not only viewing SAP info in the Google cloud-framework but now you can mash-up SAP information with other non-SAP information. As a example, if you are running Google Analytics on your .com website,how about mashing up that Analytics with your information in SAP-BI and generate a set of new KPIs for the business. This not only gives you a new view of business information but can be accessed from your Mobile or from any other device and best part is, it can be enabled within days. It really opens up with a host of possibilities with there MicroApps.

      BTW you may want to search EcoHub on just Google and you’ll see some SEAL solutions on blending SAP with Google.


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