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Windows Mobile is not defunct, its marketshare on smartphones will nearly triple by 2013, according to analyst firmiSuppli Corp. Some bloggers are rapidly and rightfully criticizing theirrelevance of Windows Mobile 6.5 (MattHamblen in Computerworld and Colin Gibbs GIGAom).


Yes, Microsoft did miss the boat likeeveryone else and in top came out with a version that ads no value letting competitorstake more positions. But we are talking only about the consumer space (wherethe current battle is happening) and forgetting that MS has about 30 thousandapps in general and a very strong presence on corporate applications. Not evenRIM comes close to MS on the enterprise space beyond email.


Are you a consumer or a corporate user?On day light an employee and after dark and on weekends a consumer? Do youcarry two phones like most Europeans?


Everyone is focusing on the consumers.The apple store was stuffed with 75 thousand apps created by Ruby on rails fanboys, but what about the enterprise? RIM has the security angle covered, but MShas the loyalty of millions of enterprise developers that love the MS DeveloperStudio.


Consumer app as for free or for pennies,corporate mobile apps would worth a more than few cents and less that 10dollars. If we all are consumers and well as employees, which market is moreinteresting?


Don’t kill MS yet before we see WindowsMobile 7 and before the Mobile Enterprise market unfolds. Lets wait for RIM topass the point of comfort and deliver something compelling. Wait and seecompanies like SAP wakeup. And hope that Google and Apple pay attention to theenterprise market.


Lionel C Carrasco

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  1. Former Member Post author

    I felt like reading in my own mind when I went through this article.
    I believe, the right direction is similar to what Google does: using the web as the ultimate platform, no matter whether it’s about desktop or mobile apps. I would love to have a framework (or “GUI for HTML (5)”) like iGoogle, with desktop and handheld optimized layouts. If only we could get rid of the limitations of the multiplicity of OS’s when working with SAP… If only I could access my SAP accounts from my home Linux as well as my always-in-the-pocket iPhone…


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