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TDMS (Testing Data Migration Server) – Data Scrambling Made Easy

Many people may heard of TDMS as a tool for copy data from production system to testing system. However, they may not aware that one of the significant features in TDMS is that it can help to scramble or convert sensitive data before copy into to the testing system so that any important or sensitive information will not fall into wrong hands in case someone decided to steal the data from testing system and sell it to your company’s competitors.  In order to use this important feature, all you have to do is to define the import/export parameter, enter some simple abap coding and define which field name and data type to be scramble.

The demonstration in this document will show how simple it is to scramble the sensitive data with simple coding and little knowledge of abap with a few mouse click.

Transaction: CNV_MBT_TDMS

1. Create Project

2. Create Sub-Project

3. Create Package (Time Reduction or Time & Company Reduction)

4. Change view to extended view

5. Follow the TDMS Steps until you reach the point to data scramble

Define Scramble & Conversion Rule

Source System –> Transaction: SE11

Check for Field name and data domain before configured scramble rule


Field name: IDNUM

Domain: CHAR30

Note: These information will be required for define data scrambling rule

TDMS Server –> Transaction: CNV_MBT_TDMS

Select Maintain Conversion and Scrambling rules (option), click Execute

Tab 1: Check Option maintain consistency scrambling

Tab 2: Define Import & Export Parameter for Scramble rule base on Data Domain for the field to be scrambled

Tab 3: Click Source Code Tab – System automatically generated the required code for maintain consistency scrambling.

Add your own code for data scrambling

Tab 4: Enter Field Name and Domain type

Click Save. and continue TDMS Steps.

You just defined the scramble rules with domain type.

Since this rule is defined in domain type, TDMS will also scramble other tables with same field name and using the same data domain. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that the sensitive data are missed for scrambling in case this fieldname’s data may be updated in multiple tables.

Refer to Screen Capture in the Attached Link:

To Learn about the benefits of using TDMS, you may refer to my Presentation in SAP Info Day:

TDMS Presentation.2009.09.24.rev.1.pdf – Google Drive

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