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Recognition & Reputation are Perishable Goods

You made it to 250 points = active contributor already years ago. Great! You always enjoyed this status and used it in your CV or signature or in your account on LinkedIn. BUT – Did you check your annual standing? We still show and recognize the lifetime points, but the focus is on Active Contributors – Moving to Recent Contributions.

It’s easy to vet, since we added this to ‘CONTRIBUTORS CORNER – My profile’ in the lefthand navigation. Just log-in and check it out. 


I’ve checked it a few days ago! Uuups –  I’m below the 250 points limit. 50 points are 1,25 blog posts or 5 excellent answers in forums or one page created for a wiki. This might answer the What but not address the Why.

OK – as I’m heading the ‘SCN Collaboration Team’ I’m more or less obliged, but that’s not all. Years ago it has been only the innovators, the lateral thinkers and the early majority, who did it first or pretty early.

As more and more colleagues are enjoying the value of communities, and analysts have started to provide special reports on social networking it is almost a must for everybody to build his/her reputation as an active contributor . Without this flag – this reputation – all your technical knowledge or managerial expertise misses an important attribute [future-proof].


imageTo share this status publically with others we have added a list of all 2009 active contributors to SCN. In a few days it will be accessable via the ‘Planet Finance’ Banner on the homepages. You can link from your CV or hompage into it and even add it to your profile in career center. Up from next year we plan to add a flag for alumnis to honor recurrent contributions.


Why will you do it again – or for the 1st time? What would you need for this? On what topics would you like to angage with others?

Or do consider this just a ludicrous idea? Just tell us and comment on this post or discuss this in the SCN Support.

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