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(Personal Object Work Entity Repository Lists)  are a completely new kind of reporting based on Web Dynpro for ABAP that provide business users with a general overview of their work environment and all related business objects (for example, billing documents). POWER Lists are used as central access points to manage and track object-related tasks.

SAP ships pre-defined POWER Lists with the new Enhancement Packages for SAP ERP. These lists can be used as templates to define other POWER Lists, or to slightly modify them. A customer could also use them directly without modifications.

For every single POWER List, application related features are provided. These features are described in the documentation in the SAP Library, section SAP All-in-One Roles, sub-section Predefined Roles, POWER Lists and Reports.

For Enhancement Package 3 go [here |]

For Enhancement Package 4 go here  (


I was very interest about how I could use the power list framework. My first questions about this topic were the following:

0.1. How many and which power lists are available in my system?

0.2. How can I easily try these power lists?


In order to get an answer to these questions several options are available:

<u>Option 1:</u> Include in my user profile the role specified in the official documentation and then find the target power list in the sap tree menu.

<u>Option 2:</u> Start transaction FPB_MAINTAIN_HIER where all Application id (APPLID) that represents all POWL available in my system are defined. http://<serverhostname.domain>:<serverport>/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/powl?APPLID=<APPL-ID>

When you have found the interesting APPLID you may also add this power list in the Favorites folder of the SAP Menu with the following procedure:

  • Do a right-click on Favorites and choose Add other objects from the context menu.

  • Choose Web Dynpro Application from the upcoming dialog box list.

  • On the Web Dynpro Application subscreen, make the following entries.



<u>Option 3:</u> Another method to try the available power lists is to use the Web Dynpro Component POWL_EASY. At the start screen you have to specify the application id of the power list that you want to test searching it through the search help.

<u>Option 4:</u>  All the previous methods need technical knowledge to identify the correct power list and there is no friendly user interface to do this.

I have created a Web Dynpro  application to easy explore and test all power lists in your system.

This application has been designed for users that don’t have deep technical knowledge of Power List Framework.


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  1. Kenneth Moore
    Nice blog.  Question, whenever I try to manually start an application, I get the message that no queries have been assigned to my user.  Any ideas what the problem is?

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