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Yahoo widgets version 4.5 allows for us to embed flash components by wrapping them with a widget engine. Yahoo actually provides for platform tools to do this easily. You might want to check this out.

 So once you have installed the new version of widgets creating an Xcelcius widget is very simple.    After creating the dashboard in Xcelcius export the dashboard as a flash component. Once you have the .swf file, simply include it in the folder and embed it in your .kon file. Maintain the .swf components in a separate folder under the contents folder as shown and reference it in the .kon file. 

image” “.kon file and .swf folder”

Once you have run the widget converter to zipped, you should be able to run your widget with the .swf file, as shown. In this example I have taken the generic Income statement.swf from Xcelcius. 

image” “Xcelcius DB Widget”

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  1. Former Member
    One of our customer wants us to develop widgets using Yahoo. My question is, why should i prefer yahoo, when we have an option to develop a widget using Xcelsius?
    Can you please tell me the advantages of using yahoo over Xcelsius?

    P.S. Customer is already using a licensed version of Xcelsius


    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Anil,

      I am just showing how to embed your Xcelcius dashboard(a flash component) into a yahoo widget. As far as I know there are no Xcelcius widgets.



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