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Since we have the new Web-UI we have already done several improvements related to the handling of Contact Persons in CRM.
E. G. we have introduced the time-dependency of Contact Person Relationships and we offer now an option for a Contact Person Quick-Create starting from any kind of transaction (Lead, Opportunity, Activity, etc.).
I’m also aware that it is sometimes not easy to distinguish between Contact Persons and Individual accounts (-> See my Blog: CRM 7.0 – How to distinguish between Contact Persons and Accounts?).

Now we have created two Notes to describe additional options to improve the handling of Contact Persons in CRM.

  • Note 1381285 – Prefilling of search attr. in the UI (eg. Contact search)
    Currently the Contact Person Search can find Contact Persons working for Companies (Organizations) but also Contact Persons without a Contact Person Relationship. This was always required from several customers. However I guess the 95%-Use Case is that only Contact Persons working for a Company are treaded as Contact Persons and not Persons without such a kind of Relationship. If you want to support this 95%-Use Case a bit better Note 1381285 is relevant.
    This Note describes how you can restrict the Contact Person search to only retrieve “real” Contact Persons. This means only Contact Persons with a Contact Person Relationship will get displayed in the Search-Result-List (and in Value-Searches for Contact Persons).

    As an alternative the note describes also how you can restrict the result to only get Business Partners with the Role “Contact Person”.

  • Note 1379134 – Contact search: additional search attribute
    If a Customer has activated time-dependency for Contact Person Relationships we can assume also that in most of the cases the User doesn’t want to assign a Contact Person to an Activity, Opportunity, etc. if this Contact Person is currently not valid.

    I know that there are also use cases where it explicitly makes sense to assign a currently invalid Contact Person (e. g. if it is a long lasting Opportunity). This should always be possible, but by default it makes sense only to show valid Contact Persons if the user wants to assign a Contact Person e. g. to an Opportunity or Activity.

    This can now be done with additional search attributes for currently valid and invalid Contact Person Relationships described in Note 1379134 and the Prefilling of this Search-Attribute (described in Note 1381285).

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Arno,

    Thanks for a good blog. I was wondering if you have any suggestion on how to make a mass update of contact person validity periods.

    I’m currently looking at an IDoc update:

    Is this the way forward?

    Kind regards,
    Johan Wigert


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