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Tree-mendous SAP TechEd 2009

In keeping with SAP’s long-term, strategic commitment to sustainability, we are trying something new with giveaways in this year’s Hacker Night, BPX Process Design Slam, and Insight Night at TechEd Phoenix, Vienna, and Bangalore. To thank each participant for being part of this year’s events, we’re giving away up to 500 virtual trees through our partnership with Tree-Nation ( Tree-Nation is the biggest free Internet social network with the objective of planting trees in order to fight poverty, desertification, deforestation and climate change. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO):


Deforestation and agriculture accounts for about one third of global greenhouse gas emissions from human activities. About 80 percent of total emissions from agriculture and deforestation are from developing countries.

SAP’s Involvement with Tree-Nation

SAP is sponsoring a TechEd 2009 forest of up to 500 trees in the Niger, Africa plantation. For each of you attending Hacker Night, Insight Night, or BPX Process Design Slam, SAP will plant a tree in your name. For each real tree planted, there is a virtual tree going in the ground on the virtual map which is directly accessible through the Tree-Nation site. Take a walk inside this great tool and watch how YOUR happy tree grows big and strong! You can also share ideas, photos, messages, make contacts and debate on environmental issues. Did you know that your tree could reduce up to 500 Kg of CO2 over its lifetime?


This plantation in Niger, Africa that you will be supporting will benefit local populations by helping the soil to regenerate and will help increase the productivity of the land. All this of course, ultimately decreases desertification, increase agricultural output, and decrease poverty in a country that was ranked LAST (#182) in the 2009 United Nations Human Development Index. The index is a summary composite index that measures a country’s average achievements in three basic aspects of human development: health, knowledge, and a decent standard of living.


How You Can Help

So, sign up today for RIA Hackers Night, Process Design Slam, or Insight Night if you have not already done so, and encourage other attendees to sign up as well. Just by participating in these electrifying events, we will leave a gift that will last for generations and change the environmental landscape of Niger.


About Sustainability at SAP

Sustainability is an ongoing journey and SAP is fostering an exchange with stakeholders to challenge and guide our approach. Join the conversation today on the Sustainability area of the SAP Community Network and learn more in the SAP Sustainability Report.

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    • Hi Jim,

      Very glad that you like this new initiative that we're trying. has excellent programs for individuals and corporations to get involved. If you want to plant one tree or a whole forest in selected areas around the world, they can easily help facilitate that, and @ a reasonable cost.

      I would suggest spreading the word/URL around to friends, relatives, and colleagues, and to encourage companies to get on board to use Tree-Nation as one of the best and economical ways to recognize employees, customers, and partners. It really is a gift that keeps on giving.

      With thanks,