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How (Not) to Behave on Twitter – The JonERP Perspective

“In this unforgiving yet low key rant, Jon Reed of presents, for Twitter users, how “not to behave” on Twitter if you want to use it for business – either for your employer or yourself.”

A good enough summary of what you are about to see. The other night I was warming up for filming an SCN video for an Influencer Summit competition (that video turned into a tribute to SAP Mentors that has not been posted on SCN yet but will be soon).

I decided a fun warmup topic would be a good old rant on Twitter and the things that bug me….or to flip it around some more, what “not to do” if you want to use Twitter for business. There were some fun moments…my friend Martin Gillet liked the line about “I’d rather see a picture of your dog.” Mark Finnern was partial to the segment where I make fun of people who Tweet Tony Robbins quotes.

After watching it I realized I could have been more honest that I have made some of these same mistakes (except for posting cheesy positive quotations!) but then again, it wouldn’t be a rant if I wasn’t harsh right? Oh, and I’m @jonerp if you are looking for me on Twitter so we can misbehave together.

This is my first video upload to SCN so I hope it works right.

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  • Jon,

    i like your picture of John Lennon (“mind games” is one of my favorites). imho, tweeter is what facebook is to linkedin, these days, so not ready for prime time for professionals. so, i’m waiting for the phenomenon to settle in before trying to use it too much. a lot of what you say is just common sense and mr robbins is not all that bad, but i’m not sure about his followers…;-) vinnie is a good guy, too.

    • Thanks Greg.

      Hopefully you’ll dip your toes into Twitter sooner rather than later as there are great conversations going on there in the SAP world just about every day. SAP TechEd is even going to stream Tweets on TechEd live at the show, so that gives you some idea on how legit Twitter has become in the SAP world.

      Glad you like the Lennon pic, bought it from an artist working the streets of Key West years ago.

      As far as Tony Robbins, that’s a whole different discussion. I have actually read a few things from him that I liked…but it’s that need to get people “thinking positive” on Twitter that I find irritating. Tony Robbins was just one of many example I could have cited…:)

      – Jon

  • Any Twitter “don’ts” that I missed?

    No bio.

    A bio saying you’re a “social media expert”

    A bio link with a shortened URL.

    No name.


    • Jim, well said, some good ones that I missed that’s for sure. Curious about the shortened URL on the bio – any reason in particular that bugs you? I don’t happen to like people using Facebook as their Twitter bio link either but that may be more about my hangups with Facebook than anything else.

      – Jon

  • I struggle at times to figure out how to interact with Twitter and the video gives useful ideas.  Agree with comments about corporate culture supporting the use of Twitter.
    • Todd, thanks! I was hoping that beyond a rant there was something useful in there too. Twitter is not always easy to engage with and definitely takes practice – learning from others but also finding your own way. I have a couple other 
      Twitter for SAP pros videos on my site you might enjoy.