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When most of you hear the term “SS20” you immediately have a connotation of a cold-war soviet missile hiding in the woods for a super spy to come and blow it up while still managing to stay witty and not wrinkle his white tux.



In a week from now, SS20 is going to mean something different – That would be “Strategy Session 20”. Strategy sessions are a long tradition in TechEd and SAPPHIRE. Its your chance to come and talk to the NetWeaver Product Definition (the current name is “Technology Solution Management”, but the idea is the same). We are the people who have one of the most interesting jobs I could imagine – Defining the next generation of SAP’s products. Strategy sessions are a super important tool for doing just that. Its a place where you can come and voice your pain points, thoughts and wishes around specific topics.

This year, I will be hosting SS20 – A strategy session about “UI Flexibility and Enterprise Mashups”. Its all about empowering the end-user, reducing the load on IT and bringing a modern look and feel to our existing SAP UIs. 

So – if you’re an SAP customer, partner, analyst, blogger or generally a person who is enthusiastic about the subject – go ahead and register. Usually – these sessions fill up pretty quickly and we need to turn people down.  

The full list of  sessions (and the registration link) can be found here –

See you there. I’ll bring the white tux.

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    1. Yariv Zur Post author
      Unfortunately – no. The sessions will only be available in Phoenix. But maybe its time we start to expand them 🙂
      1. Durairaj Athavan Raja
        Thanks. Its really disappointing that many of the good ones don’t go beyond US and Europe.

        >>But maybe its time we start to expand them :)<<
        IMHO its long over due.



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