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Payment Cards in Sales and Distribution for Down-payment


In Sales and Distribution, payment card data can be entered in the sales order and use it throughout the OTC (Order to Cash) cycle. In standard SAP payments cards are only allowed to use with final invoices, currently there is no provision to use Payment cards with Down-Payment invoices.  This process of using payment cards with down-payment is customized one.


While creating a sales order, credit card data can be entered manually, or copy it from the payer master record. One card data can be entered in the sales order overview screen. It is possible to enter multiple cards or multiple authorizations on one card, in the payment card plan in the sales order header. System automatically authorizes the sales order when the sales order is saved. 

An event is required while saving sales order to be triggered such as output type ex: ZPYA. When the sales order is saved this output type triggers automatically which internally calls a ‘Z’ ABAP program built for this special condition to create FI clearing document using T code FB01, of document type ‘ZZ’. This FI clearing document is created with reference to sales order. The Z program also removes the Billing block from milestone billing plan for Down-payment and using T code VF01 it creates down-payment invoice as well. Each invoice created completes the relevant accounting entries for the customer and the sales order number is stored in the ‘Assignment’ field.  

Calculation of reference document: Each time a clearing document is posted in FB01, it gets stamped with the authorization number and the reference code of the clearing house. This is stored in XBLNR filed in BKPF table. Once reference document has prepared, check for any FI clearing document already prepared for same transaction. If not, we need to create a clearing document for this credit card entry. Call Function Module inspired by Middleware to create clearing document via T code FB01 (Which will create FI document w.r.t. sales document and of type ‘ZZ’). 

An enhancement (‘Z’ program for auto clearing) is required to auto-allocate the ‘ZZ’ FI document to the down-payment invoice and create the associated FI document / accounting entries. Auto-Clearing enhancement is then activated and there are 2 items that need to match exactly:

  • Customer Account Number
  • Sales Order Number

 If a match is found, the program allocates the payment and creates the relevant FI document/accounting entries. 

From down-payment onwards FI clearing would be as Standard SAP functionality for down-payments.

Result: Once the work has eventually been completed and a Final Invoice produced, a further clearing program (F.13 – standard) transfers the money to the Final invoice to account for the revenue. If the prepayment monies aren’t allocated in the first instance, the revenue won’t be accounted for, at this later stage.

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  1. Sampath Adavelly

    It is nice overview. Would have been better if you could explain with sample code like what function do you use to have a ZPROGRAM from output type?

    Question? Can we do the same from sales order save_document_prepare user exit instead of output type?

    We have the same scenario but we have an external transaction to do this.
    Anyways, informative

  2. Former Member
    Yadav,very nice overview, would it be possible to share with us the detail solution (or 1 to 1, private). We are in the same situation, need some guidance or advice. Please let me know.
    Best Wsihes and Thanks

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