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<body><div class=”Section1″><p class=”MsoNormal”> </p><p>So you are using the Log Viewer from theNetWeaver Administrator? Did you know that you can filter the logs for a specified time period? If not, this blog is for you.</p><p>Sometimes you need to look into the log files because a user has reported a problem. And sometimes the user says: “the problem occurred yesterday at about 2pm”. Well, of course you can scroll down in the log file to the time specified by the user. But this is of course quite cumbersome, especially if you need to look up something which is some days ago.</p><p>But don’t worry. There is an easy way to get exactly the log entries for a specified time period. Let me show you what you have do.</p>h3. Starting the NetWeaver Administrator Log Viewer

<p>First of all you have to start Log Viewer. Here is what you have to do:</p><p>1.  Open the following URL in your browser: http://<your_server>:<port>/nwa<br />     Example:</p><p>2.  Now logon with your administrator user</p><p>3.  Navigate to:<br />     NetWeaver 7.0 System: Analysis > Debug > Logs and Traces<br />     NetWeaver 7.1 System: Problem Management > Logs and Traces > Log Viewer</p><p>Here you are. Now let’s have a look at how to apply a filter for a specified time period.</p>h3. Filtering for a specified time period

<p>First of all we need to choose a log file to view. Most of the time you will have a look at the Default Trace. That’s why I have chosen this one for this example. But of course it works with any other log file as well.</p><img  />//|height=120|alt=image|width=700|src=|border=0!<p>After choosing “Default Trace (Java)” click on the button “Show View Properties” button (“Open Filter” on NetWeaver 7.0 systems) to show the filtering options.</p><p>In the row “Filter by Content” choose now the filter “Date & Time”.</p><img  />//|height=312|alt=image|width=290|src=|border=0!<p>Since we want to filter for a specified time period we select “is between”. With that we make sure that we can set a start time and a end time for our filter.</p><img  />//|height=181|alt=image|width=556|src=|border=0!<p>Now all you have to do is to set your start date and end date. Here in my example I want to see all log entries which have been created on February 17<sup>th</sup> 2009 between 3:00 pm and 3:30 pm.</p><img  />//|height=130|alt=image|width=649|src=|border=0!<p>And voila! Here is the result. Now you can see all log entries from the specified time period.</p><img  /></body>

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    1. Mathias Klein Post author
      I recently had a talk to some people working with NetWeaver. And there where quite some people who exactly asked me how to filter logs for a certain time period in NetWeaver Administrator Log Viewer. So I guess you are right. Quite some people know how to do it, but there are still people who just recently switched to NWA (because they used Visual Administrator all the time).
      So I decided to write a blog about it for all people out there how do not know it yet.

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