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Sometime in the middle of 2009, content literally started jumping off the SAP Community Network homepages.

See, earlier this year, we secretly replaced all the dynamic but permanently fixed article lists that lived below the fold on the SDN, BPX, BOC, and UAC homepages with much richer, more portable, and more collaborative content feeds. And for these reasons, they are awesome:

(1) Content-rich: Widgets aggregate content from multiple sources from our site, including articles published to our library, blogs, and the more popular forum threads, and from authors throughout SAP and the community.

One of my personal favorites is the ABAP widget:

Sample widget: ABAP

As an editor in the ABAP space on SDN, I’m able to stay up-to-date on new ABAP materials through my iGoogle homepage, without having to surf among several different channels. While I may not be in editorial harmony with a blog title that contains three !!!’s, I still love the fact that everyone can be published on our homepages.

(2) Portable: You can take these with you! In fact, everyone can get one – there are plenty to go around. Click the “Get This” button and plunk it into Blogger, TypePad, Netvibes, iGoogle, Pageflakes, or your own web site. Just look under the hood and you’ll see the “sharing” options:

Widget sharing options

(3) Powered by you: Widgets are updated dynamically, in real time – but only because of the continuous contributions, questions, and give-and-take of the community. And given their viral nature, more widgets mean more eyeballs, more potential click-throughs, and hopefully more inspired collaboration.

Powered by the community as they are, the folks at NewsGator deserve recognition for providing the platform and support that makes these widgets possible.

And without further ado, I invite you to browse our collection of content widgets in the SAP Community Network Widget Gallery, where you can “get” one or two – or as many as you like. They’re free.

Main Gallery – Access community-specific gallery pages here, and look for additional materials including podcasts interviews by NewsGator.

Or go directly to your favorite gallery home on SCN: SDN Widgets | BPX Widgets | BOC Widgets | UAC Widgets


Check back regularly for more topic-focused widgets, or let us know what else you’d like to see.

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  1. Doug Newton
    I log into SAP’s support site, and also the community, using Certificates.

    The portability of the Community site seems limited, in that the content is hidden behind a login, and worse, behind a Certificate pop-up that happens multiple times per session.

    If this content were more open and fully indexed by Google, the community could be even stronger…

    1. Craig Cmehil
      Hi Doug,

      Sounds like you might be having a problem as the community site has perhaps 1% of it’s content restricted and we no longer require an https login – you can contact me directly or community support if you’d like us to take a look at the certificate issues you are having.



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