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Quick Tip: Access All Defined CRM Business Roles in the IC and CRM WebClients In One Easy Step

I much prefer to write blogs about end user value and content, but this is a tip worth mentioning for those of us working behind the scenes. This includes customers – during implementation, testing and once in production for troubleshooting, system integrators and internal SAP colleagues working with CRM..

As a product manager I often work with many system landscapes and various business roles verifying end user processes and functionality across CRM. Many times I find myself troubleshooting an issue that requires access to roles I don’t often use, or roles created by other users. Perhaps you can empathize with the situation when logging into the WebClient and finding that….

  • You are not assigned to a business role (access prohibited)
  • You are taken into the Web Client and not sure what role you’re in (ouch)
  • You don’t find the role you need in the list of assigned roles (back to the drawing board…)

…now the process of determining the appropriate role and organizational unit combination begins. Depending on your knowledge of a given landscape and organizational structure this could prove to be a bit time consuming.

With CRM 7.0, you can avoid issues with role assignment by simply assigning your CRM user to ALL the business roles defined in CRM. So with no further delay here’s how to do it:

  • Logon to CRM 7.0
  • Navigate to: System>>User Profile>>Own Data, select the parameters tab
  • In the Parameter ID field enter: CRM_UI_PROFILE
  • Enter a Parameter value: *
  • Save
  • Logon to the CRM Web Client
  • See a list of all defined business roles

That was easy! Take a look at my video showing this feature.

Thanks for reading this blog and I hope this tip helps you.

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  • Hi Renee!
    This was a great idea to publish a video and blog about this. I’ve sent so many e-Mails about this and explained how this can be done and now I have a good reference for this.
    Thank you!
    Best regards