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Learning SAP BW, The Twitter way – BW-Tweet #11

Thanks for all the support to this series and I look forward to your continued support. If you have some good inputs to be shared with larger group, please share through this series or otherwise.    


Another milestone as we are 10 weeks old, we are growing in numbers as well. Now we are more than 210 on Many thanks for being there. Those of you who are still not there, be the part of group at   




This one comes from a colleague of mine at Wipro (Ansel –reachable at SDN Business Card – email  


It is about the “Copying the aggregates while copying Cube” –


You often copy cubes, and to copy the aggregates you can use program RSDDK_AGGRCOMP_COPY.  


Try search on this at SDN (Google) to appreciate the power of it 🙂 You should be able to use it just beyond copying your aggregates. 


Needless to say try it on Sandbox, development system before attempting on production environment. See you next week!!!   



Disclaimer – Idea is to learn something in couple of seconds without going through lengthy blogs or articles. BW-Tweet hopes to exist with blogs and articles rather than replacing those. Also this is reproduction of concepts and in no way qualify as an original piece of work.

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