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Virtual Community Day (VCD) – Session #15, #16 and #17

Date Time Title
September 24, 2009 2:00 PM CURRENT GERMAN TIME Exception Handling with Basis Application Log (BAL) in ABAP Objects
September 24, 2009 4:00 PM CURRENT GERMAN TIME Google Wave and SAP
 September 24, 2009  5:00 PM CURRENT GERMAN TIME Agile SAP, Mission Impossible?

I’ll explain what is SAP Basis Appliation Log (BAL).  How to maximize using object oriented programming for BAL. How to incorporate BAL in your exception & business classes.Leonardo Araujo will co-present with me.

Speaker: Alexandre Giguere

This speaker will physically be at the Phoenix SAP TechEd event !


Google Wave is currently one of the Hot Topics in Communication. Organizations might also adopt the Wave protocol as a powerful Communication Tool. SAP is integrated to Outlook and Notes, so if Wave is implemented in organizations, integration could also be interesting. I will explore some scenarios where Wave and SAP could work together to improve coordination.

Speaker: Daniel Graversen

This speaker will physically be at the Phoenix SAP TechEd event !


Applying agile processes and techniques is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of implementing SAP in a service oriented architecture at a very large public logistics organization. However, challenged with ever changing requirements and fast approaching deadlines, this project was facing severe challenges that could never be met with the traditional approach.


Speaker: Twan van den Broek

This speaker will physically be at the Vienna SAP TechEd event

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  • Brazil, Sao Paulo: +55 11 3351 7063
  • China, Beijing: +86 1051 600 043
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  • France, Paris: +33 1 70 99 43


Participant Code: 6399291986 

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