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VCD, a look back…almost

As we start to prepare for our last Virtual Community Day session today I decided to take a look at the whole process…

I’m not going to give talking points on this but around the 7 minute mark I say something you might find interesting for later on!

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  • …why so many people I didn’t expect to be interested in the CE + ABAP development topic showed up for my VCD session. The answer is indeed given around 7:00.
  • I can’t wrap my head around how much work went into this, but I thought VCD was great. I could see some advantages to having a day long event as well, but the staggered sessions over days were pretty cool too.

    The only piece of feedback I can think of would be: a consolidated archive page for replays, perhaps with commenting with the presenters (maybe a wiki for this?).

    I realize all the replays are to be found in your wiki profile Craig, but I’m not sure that’s super simple for folks to find who aren’t clued into the workings of SCN.

    At any rate, got a lot out of the sessions I watched and hoping to catch more soon. Thx.

    – Jon

    • Thanks for the feedback, as I mentioned on another blog post “Ideally I’d hope everyone looks here: (still have to add presenter names)”

      It’s been the central schedule and linked to in just about every post 🙂

      We should though find a way to make links that even more prominent but with so many things happening things tend to drift out of focus after awhile.

      Thanks for the feedback and yes I see advantages to the day long event as well but I also see other ways to achieve the “missing elements” in addition to the virtual – I think though this will be a topic that we’ll be discussing a lot more in the near future.