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VCD #16 – Playback

Google Wave is currently one of the Hot Topics in Communication. Organizations might also adopt the Wave protocol as a powerful Communication Tool. SAP is integrated to Outlook and Notes, so if Wave is implemented in organizations, integration could also be interesting. I will explore some scenarios where Wave and SAP could work together to improve coordination.

Speaker: Daniel Graversen

This speaker will physically be at the Phoenix SAP TechEd event !

Watch for the next upcoming sessions! 


Full Schedule: here  

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  • Hey Craig,
    Any chance you could put the topic in the header of these blogs? It is awesome that all these great sessions have been recorded but for ease of access it would be great to know what each topic was rather than just VCD Session #16. “That means nothing to me … ahh Vienna” and there is a little segue to TechEd.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone there.