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Preparing your successors for leadership

In today’s fast-paced world, we most often overlook developing our future leaders; instead most often we find successor’s are thrown into a tough job with no preparation and little experience. This practice, as is evident, does not equip the successor for the business challenges that they will face as leaders.

With today’s economy and uncertainty, this poses an even greater challenge as we must prepare candidates for a role that does not exist and one that we really have a difficult time forseeing. In succession planning, we never assume that there is one job, with one successor, but typically work in a multiple position development process that incorporates a number of career paths for successors. It is critical to not have too narrow of a focus, but more of a development plan that provides us with a number of able leaders. In these times of economic uncertainty, we typically find that crisis presents great opportunities for leadership. Change is the fundamental basis and primary challenge that all great leaders must and will face. Some step up and earn this leadership right, while others lead quietly without appearing to lead. Dealing effectively with business changes, environmental and economic challenges allow potential successors to gain credibility while putting themselves on the leadership path. The basic qualities in finding your great leaders are a must.

In my next blog, I look forward to addressing the qualities that I believe are fundamental to your leaders and help you in preparing your next successor for leadership. Know however, that simply having the fundamental qualities is not enough and that a strong development plan needs to guide your successor and prepare them effectively for the path of leadership.

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