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Employee Interaction Center (EIC) and Solution Types

We are often asked about what Solution Types are and how they interact with the Categories and Subcategories within the Employee Interaction Center (EIC).

SAP offers the ability to create a defined list of solutions by category or subcategory which an agent can use as a fixed or standard set of values. We typically see them used on categories where the reason for updating or closing an activity is consistent across all agents. It is important to note that only a subset of the categories/subcategories lend themselves to a standard resolution.

For more information on what Categories and Subcategories are within EIC please review the following blog.

In order to set up the solution types follow the menu path Personnel Management > Employee Interaction Center (EIC) > Interaction Center Web-Client > Application Functions > Activity> Define Solution Types


Select the new entries icon and enter in a resolution ID and Text. You have now just set up a resolution called  Returned to Work.

Set up Resolution

Now select the Categories dialog structure and enter in the category/subcategory that the resolution is applicable for.

Category and Resolution Link

If you launch the Employee Interaction and create and activity you will see resolution type that was just created.

EIC Application

The ERP Employee Interaction Center (EIC) is a centralized call center application that is part of SAP’s shared services offering. It delivers employee information to your contact center agents and empowers them to capture the details of an interaction with an employee. It is a great fit for customers that are only looking to establish a HR employee interaction center and have SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) already installed.

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  • Hi Jarett,

    thanks for your blogs. I always read your blogs with great interest as I was involved as architect in the first EIC projects when the EIC solution was developed by SAP.

    What I am missing are your real-life experiences. What are the lessons learned from your implementations? I think this would help many SDN readers a lot as EIC projects are quite challenging from a process design point of view.

    I am looking forward to your next blogs.

    Best regards,

      • First off, Jarret, I love reading your EIC blogs. Helps me to learn more about that end of things.

        Second, I do get the question on real-life examples. That’s a dilema I usually face as well when posting blogs. I always think “well, should I say that? I mean, it was for this one specific thing for this client”….but then, I am always amazed at how those exact same things come up at other clients. So, yes, it does help. At the same time, not every client wants you discussing their specific solution (or worse yet, their dirty laundry, at times. haha). So, it’s a fine line at times.

        Thanks again, Jarret! Keep ’em coming!