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New SAP Mentors 2009 September 

Three times a year we are asking the SAP Community Network members to nominate exceptional contributors to be the next SAP Mentors. Out of that list only a handful usually make the list.

Really happy to add:

Thorsten Franz has been working as an SAP developer since 1998. His interests include software architecture, creating new ABAP applications, Composition Environment, and integration scenarios. He is also a single malt aficionado and loves Infocom, comics, sushi, and music. He is @thorstenster on Twitter.

He got the most endorsements from other SAP Mentors and lately seems to be active everywhere. He is for example co-hosting the 2010 Inside Track in Bonn. He will be at TechEd in Vienna.


DJ Adams (@qmacro) – SAP Hacker, Integrator, Author, Bread Maker. DJ has 22 years experience hacking SAP, starting with R/2 back in the 80s. Although he has dabbled in various application modules over the years and worked at SAP Walldorf on the IS-Oil project, his focus has remained on his first SAP loves: development, architecture and Basis technologies.  DJ is an independent developer who specializes in Internet-based applications, integration and application connectivity, and has been lucky enough to be able to mix open source tools and technology with SAP and other ERP systems for both fun and profit for many years. He has a degree in Classics from the University of London and is the author of O’Reilly’s Programming Jabber: Extending XML Messaging and Google Pocket Guide. His son’s first-name initials are “JCL”. DJ’s homepage is at

Most SCNers don’t know that he wrote the first external blog on SDN and I am super happy that he is back in full force. We missed you and looking forward to have you in Vienna.

Chritian GuentherChristian Guenther is a Principal Consultant and works mostly in the area of IT Security, SAP NetWeaver Landscape Design and Strategic SOA Consulting. He is a member of the competence center IT Strategy at Realtech. His expertise is within analysing complex IT scenarios to optimize the process workflow. He also designs new or changes existing SAP system landscapes to provide customers with the right IT infrastructure to support their individual business needs. Of great importance in his daily business is the security of IT systems both from a technological and from an organizational point of view. To above topics he gave different lessons, workshops and presentations and is involved in project management and ressource planning. Especially the design of SAP NetWeaver landscapes based on both open standards and SAP proprietary development is a complex task to a lot of SAP customers and a very interesting working area for hiim. Find a detailed biography on his XING page.

Christian brings a lot of customer experience to the table and will also join us at TechEd in Vienna.

Daniel Graversen is a graduate in Engineering and a Diploma in Business Administration. Daniel has been working with XI 3.0 since 2004, where he has been involved with 15+ XI/PI installations with implementations, development and coaching of developers. He has been round many types of communication and done a lot of module development. Daniel is currently researching how Google Wave can be used in enterprises. Recently he started to start with developing software.

Daniel is doing fascinating integration work between Google Wave and SAP on his blog He is for sure going to be at the TechEd in Phoenix and may even be in Vienna.

I can hear you wondering, where are the women? We would love to have more women mentors, but non were nominated, as far as I could tell by the names. Let’s encourage more engagement by women and we are welcoming them with open arms. If you look at the gender distribution of the SCN audience, we are slightly ahead with the SAP Mentors, but that doesn’t satisfy us.

Please help me welcome the new SAP Mentors. An introduction SAP Mentor Monday session will come soon to a computer screen near you.

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  1. Jim Spath
    A hearty welcome to the new SAP Mentors.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to contribute to a global community, with payback in many ways.  I’m looking forward to working with you.


  2. Benny Schaich-Lebek
    …two of my direct contacts on the list now.

    Thorsten, who is a very engaged developer keeping me on the run for details of NetWeaver CE 😉 and DJ, who’s attacks on me against SOAP (which I never promoted!) are legend in Walldorf 😉

    Let’s have fun!


  3. Former Member
    Congratulations and welcome to the new SAP Mentors! I will look forward to your participation in mentor events and your contributions to our community.


  4. Susan Keohan
    Congratulations to the existing mentors on getting such an elite group of new mentors to join! 

    And welcome to our new Mentors – it will be wonderful to get to know you and work with you in the future.

    Best regards,

  5. Former Member
    Welcome all and have a nice stay -:) It’s amazing to see to how the SAP Mentors are growing by adding so many smart and great people -:D but Mark is right…we might need a couple more women… -;)


    1. Thorsten Franz
      Yes, Karin, first and foremost we need to shield all mentors from evil influences and the demonic voices in their heads. I’m glad that you understand the urgency of this problem.
  6. Mark Finnern Post author
    Hi SCNers,

    If you want to get to know these new SAP Mentors better, here is your chance:

    Tuesday October 6th 1pm PST.

    Public SAP Mentor Monday (on a Tuesday)Webinar Introduction of new SAP Mentors

    So that you will recognize the new SAP Mentors at TechEd.
    Please join the 4 new SAP Mentors: Thorsten Franz, DJ Adams (@qmacro), Christian Guenther, and Daniel Graversen who each will share something interesting during this webinar.

    Not to be missed, Mark .

    P.S. As this is a public SAP Mentor webinar feel free to share.

    Link to SAP Connect Session:
    Participant Passcode: 5795926235
    Dial in numbers.
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