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ABAP Keyword Documentation still publicly available

The public access to the ABAP Keyword Documentation announced in a preceding ABAP Easter Egg is still available but the links have changed as follows:

For the time being, the tree structure can be viewed by MS IE, but other browsers are not yet supported.

Please note that the documentation describes ABAP for coming up Release 7.0, EhP2. The features that are listed under / are not available in preceding releases. Nevertheless, the documents present the most up to date docomentation about ABAP in the moment and you can also get an insight into the things to come.

In the moment, you will have installed an AS ABAP 7.02 in the future, there will also be the possibility to access the ABAP Keyword documentation via an HTTP-service. The documents will be the same as in the offline version announced here, but there will be an additional possibility for searching. The search is carried out on the backend and thus not available in the offline version. As a workaround you can open the ABAP Index, the ABAP Subject Directory, or the ABAP Glossary that are offered on the start page, search there, and follow the links.

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  • I used this online doc a lot (especially for giving links in forums), I didn’t know that there was the index.htm, it’s GREAT to have it, thank you Horst 🙂
  • Thanks for updating the links. However, this line is very disappointing: “For the time being, the tree structure can be viewed by MS IE, but other browsers are not yet supported.”

    SAP has documentation formats that work just fine in browsers like Firefox and Safari (see pretty much every other documentation section on It’s time to realize that documentation in a format that is only viewable in IE is broken documentation.

    SAP has made big strides in supporting non-IE browsers, but clearly there is a long way to go.

    • Hi Ethan,

      Guess how many people are working in a big company like SAP at the ABAP Keyword Documentation (and I mean writing it, developing the respective tools, maintaining it …).



      PS: The offline documentation behind the links is simply an unofficial additional offer. The real thing can be reached in the ABAP Workbench.

      • Yes, I fully realize that it is a complex problem and that the documentation is available through the GUI. And I’m sorry that you’re the one I jumped on for something that is really a systematic problem at SAP.

        However, I don’t think that’s much of an excuse.

        SAP’s product development groups (at least the portal group) are taking responsibility for delivering applications that work in non-IE browsers and non-Windows platforms. The documentation groups should really do the same.

        For example, an ABAP developer may well use a Mac or Linux as a primary platform, using the Java SAPGUI 7.10. Why should this developer be unable to access this documentation in a browser on his or her primary platform? (IE doesn’t exist on the Mac or on Linux.)

        Is there at least a commitment to provide this documentation in a format that is usable in non-IE browsers at some point in the future?

        Cheers, and *really*, thanks for providing this documentation and reaching out to the community.


        • Hi Ethan,

          Well it’s exactly one person working at the ABAP Keyword Documentation and it’s me (besides some other minor tasks I have to fulfill …).

          Technically, the documentation is still authored in SAPScript and I use my own ABAP code to convert it to HTML and to display it in a very specialized way that allows for example links to WB tools, the incorporation of a fully fledged example library and graphical syntax diagrams as of 7.02, a full text search and so on. The main intention for that documentation is its usage in the ABAP Editor after F1. The offline versions that you can download from the SAP GUI  and that someone (not me) has made available behind the links mentioned in the blog are mere spin-offs. Having the hands on the code I could create such a version without too much effort, thinking that it might be useful for one or the other out there.

          I am well aware of the IE vs. other browsers problem and I have it already on my mind. But due to other obligations I cannot make a commitment if and when to make the offline versions independent of the browser.



          PS: I guess if you open a customer message concerning the missing browser support, the documentation will vanish rather fast from the help portal again 😉

          • Heh, so … I clearly have no idea how many people are working on this 🙂 Now I do!

            Do you need any help figuring out how to get the hierarchy view working in non-IE browsers? Maybe the SDN community could help out?


          • I didn’t dare to ask …
            I’ll come back to this if I think I can’t manage it by searching for a fast solution by myself. For the time being I don’t think that the missing tree structure is too much of a hindrance, since I generate the navigation path to the top and the bottom of each document anyhow and that’s browser independent HTML


          • The following passes simple testing in FF 3.5 and IE 6, after changing the arguments of the change calls to strings, e.g. javascript:change(‘i1’, ‘b1’)

            function change(nummer, bildname)
               var display_kind;
               var folder_kind;
               var elem = document.getElementById(nummer);
               var img = document.getElementsByName(bildname)[0];
               if( == “block”)
                  display_kind = “none”;
                  folder_kind   =  folder_closed.src;
                  display_kind = “block”;
                  folder_kind   = folder_open.src;
      = display_kind;
               img.src = folder_kind;

            I’d also change the img name to an img id (same content), since it seems to be unique.

          • How nice!

            Community at work :-))))

            I’ll check it out and if it works I will adjust my tree generator ASAP and try to get it online!

            Thanks a lot!


  • >>in the future, there will also be the possibility to access the ABAP Keyword documentation via an HTTP-service<<

    API for lookup? interesting. Approximate time frame when we can expect this?


  • Hi Horst,

    first of all thanks a lot for making the ABAP help available online. I think most of us agree that this is a very important feature, especially since we discuss ABAP topics here on SDN often without having access to a SAP system…

    Anyhow, the part that I’m missing is the breadcrumb navigation at the top of the page. This was a very convenient way to get through the documentation, especially when getting to the online keyword documentation via generic search engines. So now the non-tree entry site is useless to me (don’t seem to get anywhere from there and it’s just referring to the non-existant tree structure on the left).

    Also, it seems that (long time ago?) the link from the help portal ( to the ABAP online documentation vanished (or am I missing something?). The comment that your ABAP online help is “unofficial” is quite disappointing to me – I don’t know why SAP would not make such excellent documentation publicly available, support it and be proud of it.

    Cheers, harald

    • Hi Harald,

      The ABAP Keyword Documentation is part of the product ABAP. The first priority is always to deliver context sensitive help (F1) in the ABAP Editor. As an side effect, other versions of the documentation like the one behind the links above are emerging (the lates development is access via an http-service that we use for F1 in ABAP in Eclipse). Those version are evolving and an html-version that was worth to be published was reached with Release 7.02.

      And now it comes: Due to “legal reasons” SAP is not allowed to publish any 7.02 contents for the time being (don’t ask me why). Because of this, the mature 7.02-version (with breadcrums) was removed and replaced with an old 7.0-version that I have never foreseen for beeing publicly available.

      When it is allowed to publish something about 7.02, the better version will also move in again.



      PS: Another “version” of the most recent ABAP Documentation is available in printed form: only, translation to Englisch is on its way).

      • Thanks a lot for the detailed reply and sorry for my duplicate posting in your other blog – I had forgotten to turn on the notifications for comments here… 😉
      • A late posting after finally catching up with all my unread items. This is excellent news and I’m looking forward to see the navigation back and to check out the new chapters you’ve mentioned in your blog. Thank you very much for continuing to provide us developers with great documentation!