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Participation Monitor

Participation monitor is used to manage the employees’ benefits in the HR scenario. It is used to ensure proper check on the benefits which has been opted by the user or is entitled to. The TCODE for Participation monitor is HRBEN0003.

Menu Path:

 Human resources -> Personnel management -> Benefits -> Participation Monitor 



Participation monitor is used to manage the employee benefits, it further checks on the employees who are no longer entitled for the benefits or if they have some inconsistency which can adhere the proper execution of business process. Enables us to both check and correct the inconsistencies in the Participation.


On the first screen of the transaction we can see the three tabs

  • Further Selection: Using this tab we can choose different Selection on the second selection screen named as ‘Selection’. For example Employment status, Company Code, Administration Group etc.


  • Search Help: This tab provides us the list of search help which we can choose for the out purpose e.g. E (Buyer) I (IC Number) etc.


  • Organization Structure: provides us the list of structure from where we can choose our selection.



Key date facilitates us with the selection range for duration to retrieve the Employees Record. Data records overlapping by one day will be retrieved




If Radio button ‘Today’ is selected then the system retrieves the data and person for the current system date.




If the Other keydate button is selected then the date we specify is considered as selection criteria.


Here I have specified the date 13th of September 2009




Personnel Number is unique number by which the employee is identified. It is highest ranking key of infotype structure within a client.




N.B.: The selection for personal number can be modified according to the user need

  • Individual personnel number
  • Range of Personnel number
  • All Personnel Number with highest number specified as limit
  • All Personnel Number
  • Value set for personnel Number

In Additional Data section:

Benefit Area specifies the highest level of benefits data. By the help of this we can manage different pools of benefit area so that they can be administered differently. Few examples are geographical Location or Functional / Production Areas e.g.  Code 07 which stands or Canada Benefits.



1st Program grouping is the program which groups the employee according to the selection on high level for further business procedure.

2nd Program grouping is the program which groups the employees according to the selection on highest level for further business procedure.


The system sorts employees according to the selection procedure.


Now execute the selection.

Internally authorization checks will be done and then the list will be displayed according to our selection.




After enrollment inconsistencies may occur in participation due to following reason.


  • Changes In Customizing

                  -Plan Definition

                  -Flexible Administration Setting.

  • Changes in Employee’s official assignment or geographical location.
  • Manual adjustment directly in Infotype.

So it is suggested to the do any changes using TCODE HRBEN0001 for Enrollment.


To withdraw any Employee from participation chooses the services to be removed and click the tab Stop participation.




A window will pop up




Click On Execute.

The deletion may also depend on the change date you have selected it should not be too far from the current date.

Change Plan election tab gives us the overview of the Employee benefits, Information about various plans; we can change the plans from here. Although it is advised to make changes from HRBEN0001.




We need to highlight the Employee for which the overview has to be displayed. Click on Change Plan election.




The benefits for that employee displayed in above screen shot. Here we have few tabs. By clicking on Overview we get full view of all the benefits for which the employee has been enrolled, financial details etc.




Choose any benefit plan, highlight it, then a pop up for the plan will be displayed we can choose the plan accordingly and then by clicking on Enroll tab we can enroll the plan for the Employee.



The green tick confirmas the same.

Error logs: 



When we click on Tab Error List we get details of error.



After all entries have been corrected the re-execution of Participation Monitor will show only the list of the entries which have been approved by the user (Participation Monitor).

Have a best day ahead.

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